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Discussion in 'Trading' started by 7rader, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. 7rader


    hey guys, when you trade on your charts, what time interval are you guys using... 1min, 5min, 1hour, ect?

    i just curious what the most common timeframe used...
  2. All of em. But mainly the 1 minute.
  3. Rex84


    1 minute, always
  4. Akemi


    I’d say it is important know where the trend is going. In that case you have a bigger picture in 4H but do your business in 1M.
    I use 30M and 4H preferably
  5. 7rader


    seems like 1 min is most popular so far...
  6. Well I combine the 15 M with the 4H or 1D, also to see or try to detect any possible trends or patterns, hence the Shoulder-Head-Shoulder. Or some other.
  7. mike007


    tick and volume charts
  8. rickf


    - tick chart for trading (ie tactical picture) [1]

    - another tab with some longer timeframe -- 5, 15, 30 or whatever minutes zoomed as appropriate to give me a feel for s/r and the broader trends. (ie strategic picture)

    [1] Every now and then I suspect volume charts would be helpful instead of tick charts, but I can never figure out why.