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    Care to explain how sitting up straight will ruin my spine as opposed to slouching in your reclining desk chair?
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    "care to"
    you should use the word please to get better responses.

    in a wood chair your spine does not receive proper support.
    in a well designed desk chair your back does not slouch.
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    care to explain, then, how a kneeling chair or exercise ball is recommended more for long sitting then your desk chair, if back support is supposed to be so important? In a wood chair, you do not rely on the chair back for support - it encourages you to lean slightly forward, as do these.
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  4. Yes forcing yourself to sit upright away from the backrest is excellent and will help your spine.
    The exercise ball requires you to support your spine and engage the abs, which strengthens the abs and in turn supports the spine.
    The muscles of the back are also engaged and must work to maintain an upright posture increasing their strength.
    Basically the core muscles will have to work active-dynamically to keep you upright. In a chair leaning against the backrest it is passive. You can lay back against the backrest and the chair will assist to keep you seated, which in turn over time can decrease the strength of the core leading to back problems.

    These links have good information.

    American College of Sports Medicine
    has many papers in their journals covering these topics.
    Also try the

    National Academy of Sports Medicine
    National Strength and Conditioning Association
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  6. Why am I having a hard time trying to find a decent reasonable price desk chair that I can sit on all day long to trade on?

    Can someone give me a good recommendation. I need a high back and a seat that will fit my thighs. And no nonsense leather ones from Office Depot. I need a real chair.
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  7. My Herman Miller Embody arrived this week. Umpgraded from the Aeron and this is MUCH better, IMO. Very customizable and a bit more rigid than the Aeron.
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  8. +1 to the Herman Miller stuff. Love my Aeron. They come with sticker shock upfront, but keep in mind they have a 12 year warranty. That's well under $100/year, and that assumes it has no residual value when your 12 years are up. You will have been through quite a few uncomfortable low-end chairs in 12 years time.
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  9. Very true. I've seen Aerons on craigslist for $250ish too. That's a steal, IMO.
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  10. I quite like the look of this:

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