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    . . . and now,
    IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our goal is keeping our customers happy. Try Our SLEEKFORM Kneeling chair for 90 days - if you don't LOVE it, you can return it! If at any point, after you sit on our Ergonomic Chair and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

    Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Chair with Backrest and Handles (Faux Leather) - Better Posture Kneeling Stool - Great Home Office or Desk Chair - Sturdy and Comfortable - Orthopedic Stool
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    Have you seen this on tv?
    Egg Sitter Gel Flex Seat Cushion by BulbHead, Breathable Honeycomb Design Absorbs Pressure Points
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    I use something similar. I love it.
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    Back Lumbar.jpg
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  5. Simple/common inventions like this is more likely, for some, to become a millionaire rather than in trading, o_O
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  7. That look's more like a stale, conservative, traditional, long term investor's or fund manager's chair. or politician's chair.

    Buy a saddle roller stool forces you to sit with your legs spread out. and back upright and straight, instead of slouching.
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  9. Oh, I see...I didn't get that earlier joke.

    I'm surprised Mark Zuckerberg is only 5'7"...I thought he was more of a normal, average height of around 5'9".

    It's like looking at Tom Cruise wearing booster height shoes;
    He looks both short, and tall/normal, at the same time...? o_O
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    :D Too funny - thanks for that pic !
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