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    Charts always seems funny and right edge is on wrong side, but Buy high and Sell low works.

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    [​IMG] Ergonomic Chair.jpg
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    Che Voigt believes his company has solved problems that have plagued the working world since the advent of typing.

    It’s a solution to hunched backs, stiff necks and tight shoulders. It’s a workstation that, with a push of a button, transitions from a standing desk to a seated table to a fully reclined platform like a dentist’s chair. Its seat expands and retracts, supporting the whole body from head to heels. Its desk moves up, down and rotates. There’s a screen and mouse and keyboard that follows the user’s eyes and hands.

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    . . .
    Trading Chairs, pilot fatigue, 1949.jpg
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    I have this chair and their Smart Desk. Phenomenal deal.
    This is a new company with products started via KickStart. There are reviews on YouTube.
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  10. X Rocker 51396 outside from competition among models of this class.
    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother. He is a gamer, and really seems to like it. I asked him his favorite thing and he says how comfortable it is.
    By the way, It connects with multiple chairs for the ultimate gaming experience
    I think this his chair is awesome for trading, reading, relaxing or whatever you wanna do
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