trading CFD's ?

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  1. You have ideas, techniques or books for trading CFD's:p
  2. Q
    Contracts for Difference Catherine Davey
    0731400267 RRP: $29.95

    Contracts For Difference (CFDs) offer investors all the benefits of trading shares without having to physically own them. Simply put, it is a contract that mirrors the performance of a share or index. It is traded on margin, and just like physical shares your profit or loss is determined by the difference between the price you buy at and the price you sell at. CFDs are a trading revolution because no other derivative trading product has been met with such extraordinary global demand – a demand that is driven by a range of attributes that previously only institutional investors had access to.
  3. thank you:D
  4. In Canada there is a CFD shop called

    I think they have prop traders who make a market in the CFds. Sounds interesting.