trading---career or life?

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  1. For me, trading is a life for me. All that I do is for trading. Everyday, I get up at 6, leave to the company at 7, Sit down and do some research, and watch positions, and start to trade at 9:30am, watch the quote to 4pm, do some more research, get back and get some Chinese food, after I get back home, review today's trading... call my gf before sleep. That is my everyday life. Very boring, simple! But I love it. All I do in the rest of the day is just for that seven and half trading hours. Saturday and Sunday are the most boring days everyweek since all I do in those two days is just waiting, waiting for Monday. Maybe this is the difference between prop and retailer. Trading is life for prop, but is hobby for retailer...
  2. Could you papertrade with the same fervor? Or, is money somehow crucial to your enjoyment?
  3. My joy and happiness come from being able to be a peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I must admit that I am a retailer and the majority of the readers and members of Elite Trader are retailers. I enjoy my career very much. I trade the ES full time for a living. I find that when I am developing a system it is good and productive to take "time outs" from trading. But I have been trading for many years and could not be happier. I gain perspective during these breaks and they can last from day's to years....but never do I leave trading.

    When I am researching, I consider that my lifes work.....When I am system writing it is a tool for my career.

    I find Elite trader a marvelous addition to my work. I have come far in my career and consider my path a successful one in my career goals. Once I thought I needed to be a CTA and was led to believe that was a path for me to pursue. I have learned that all a CTA a glorified telemarketer. I will let my license expire next year...and continue down the right path for me. To solicate other peoples capital to trade with was not what I wanted to do with my time. But to trade other peoples capital was not a problem. Prop Firms are interesting to me....but I have not figured out what they offer? I trade a leveraged instrument and find the retail tools quick enough. However, moving to Chicago and trading with Fast Trade has sparked an interest in me. I may want to try as I do get lonely here at home trading day in and day out and can learn a lot from my peers. But to find traders to help another trader is a lot to expect.

    Again, I talk to much................

    Michael B.
  4. money is one of them. But the love of trading is another important element. When I first started, I paper traded for long time, at that time, I still did the same thing as what I am doing now.

  5. Exactly. You are totally right. The joy is not only from the money.


  6. Well i gotta say that even for me that sounds very sad. How does your gf put up with being second to your job?

    But, in all honesty, i am almost the same way. During weekends i wait for monday. During the trading days, i trade from 9:30 to 11 am, than go to the gym by my office, and trade again from 2:30 to 4pm. After the market close, i hang around the office for about at least another hour. Than i go home, sit in front of my pc, and start doing research. I am honestly having the best time of my life. Is that sad?
  7. hmmmm.....

    Have you traded retail? This sounds like a statement made from someone who's never traded retail.

    Good Trade!

  8. No. I do not think that is sad. To be content is not a natural thing. To be distracted is. If you remain focused and content and survive this is a good thing in my humble opinion. As far as life and love of life thast is between you and God.

    Michael B.
  9. Sad, not at all. The simpler the better. I have 2 Kids, a great wife and the market. I am busting my ass now on system development so I can spend more time with family when the complete portfolio of system is complete. We can rest when we are dead. This is the best game around. Sad...not at all.
  10. Good Luck and Best wishes!!!!

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