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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by t boy, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. t boy

    t boy

    I am in need of some advice. I am 37 and have worked on the trading floor as a phone clerk, dealing with insitutional clients at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since I graduated college. My position just got downsized and I don't know where to go next.

    I want to work on a trading desk off the floor, even as a junior trader, but it seems no one wants to hire anyone my age for that job. My alternative is to become a financial advisor and get my CFP, but they start you out for 2 or 3 with a minimal salary and I need some money to take care of my family now. With my market knowledge I would be successful at either task.

    All I want is a chance to work hard somewhere and be successful.
    Does my experience in the markets from a trading floor count for anything or did I just waste 13 years?

    Not trying to sound like a sob story, I just want to see what others think. Thanks.
  2. hello that is 70% of elite. everybody wants a chance.
  3. Whats your education like?
    You education counts a lot being hired as a non-trader but in the financial community
  4. My guess is that you would fit in an investment bank, possibly doing trading support / operational support type of role. Your knowledge of derivative markets would come in handy here. However, this is kind of a "dead end" job (aka Ops), the opportunity for future growth is limited, but with decent starting pay. This is almost a direct opposite of trading, where volatility in income can be unbearable.

    Maybe institutional sales? Say working for Refco / Goldenberg / ABN? Dealing with institutional clients (something you said that you did). I know a few people in this area, but they are, well, in sales.

    Becoming a FA (financial advisor) is a good way, however, as you pointed out, the limitations are inherent. Little start pay, and at lower ranks, high turn overs.

    I spent 12 years on the Street, if you give me something more specific, I would try to be helpful.

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    I would get a job at one of the growing futures brokerages. They always need help on the electronic brokerage desks. Then you could think about your next move. I would be a futures broker before a financial planner.
  6. t boy

    t boy

    Thank you for your comments.

    My formal education consists of a BA in Economics and I received my Series 3 License in March. Other than that, just keeping up with and discussing the Equity, Bond or FX markets on a daily basis with institutional and retail clients.

    I have already sent out resumes to some banks and brokerage houses. Some of these were to job postings, some unsolicited, as well as to some contacts I have gotten through networking.

    My goal on the trading side is to be part of an Investment Management trading desk, trading either for the client's or the firm's accounts. I just don't don't have a financial cushion to trade my own money at this point.

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Bank One was hiring for their electronic futures desk (or at least they did call themselves that --damn banks change names every other day). Also Cargill (Sears Tower) was hiring for something in electronic futures or forex desk. You have a series 3 so you should be able to get an interview at some of these places. And also check groups like RJObrien. I know they are hiring.
  8. Why don't you trade remote?
    With your education and work exerience you should be able to find a good job.

    I live in Canada so things are a bit different here, but if you have your CFP with a good track record, or work exerience, you start off pretty good in terms of salery