Trading Bunds/Bobls vs US 5,10, 30 yr

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by cornholetrading, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. I wanted to start a conversation with other fixed income traders who have preferable short term traded both US and European fixed income products. I know there are some traders at other prop firms on here so I would like to hear your experiences too. I have been directionally trading the Bobl and mostly the Bund over the last few months during US market hours. I am thinking of switching and trying out the US products and wanted to see if any others had experience with both markets. I know they trade a little bit different from each other.

    Which product do you have more success with and why do you think that is the case?

    I know one thing I don't like about the Bund are the sweeps. They are great when you catch them but not so great when you are in the wrong way. Also there just seems to be a large amount of noise in the Bund which can make it more difficult for me to trade.
  2. Bringing it back to the top.
  3. i have traded both & by far prefer the bund/bobl....the problem with the US stuff is that they trade relativley flat from a short term perspective. as far as the sweeps go...i love them...sometyimes they hurt, but mostly they triple P&L within my experience

    i do sometimes trade the bobl aganist the 5yr 25 bobls to 20-22 5yr notes...that spread can yield outrageous profits b/w noon & 1am when the bund market opens again.