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  1. You learn a lot, getting punched in the face or ribz.

    1. Defend your self at all times.

    2. Attack with low risk.

    3. Relax, preserve your stamina (gets much more obvious when you're pushing 40+).

    Is this not exactly the same as risk management, a low risk entry with pos expectancy, and positing sizing?!??

    Failing traderz, get in the ring and it will get obvious what you need to do! It's OK to get punched but not OK to get knocked out......
  2. Palindrome


    So many gems when comparing boxing to trading:

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  3. qlai


    Don't be a hero, sometimes you gotta take what little you have left and walk out holding your head high

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    On a more optimistic note
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    Would this be like saying if you're a good'll be a good trader ??? :sneaky:

  6. zdreg


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    What a great man ... the original HFT!
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    :D ! 5:05
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  9. It is not ok when you are in fact going against the trend and you don't know it... your account will be knocked out before you realize it.
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  10. Worst beatingz I ever got were against superior fighters who had moves I hadn't seen yet. Or getting punished for goofing off....
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