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  1. I am just getting into trading and need some study material but trying to keep costs down. If anyone has any books or courses they don't need anymore can you send me a PM.
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    I suggest you don't try to learn to much too fast. If you want to trade equities/options rather than futures/option, start with equites. Learn everything you can't find online about what equites are, the market structure they trade in-exchanges and ECNs. Learn the terminology of the industry.

    Then learn about the difference between trading and investing. Learn the general strategies that exist and what is necessary to execute those strategies. At this point, I suggest you find a class to take once you get all the basics down, then reevaluate what path to take.

    Do all this without trading for now.

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    Spend a few years to learn how to read charts and most of information on net, or go to your library and inquire about having them contact other libraries to get copy or ebooks of charting books. Amazon you can rent books now. You learn to read charts extremely well, you be ahead of the 95% that lose as most as soon as they can open accounts and have no idea what charts are saying. And practice practice practice, papertrade several months, when you can make consistent money doing longer term trading and built up few million, then take very small amount after practice practice practice day trading.

    But of course, no one takes advise of those who went wrong way in their beginnings....
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    Not saying this is ethical but often times you can google the name of a book you would like to read followed by "PDF".
  5. @WSWarrior don't dismiss the information on public trading forums too quickly, there is a lot of golden information available for free out there. Of course a lot of it is rubbish but if you apply a bit of savvy you should be able to tell the difference between the two. Something that helped me immensely on my way is a system called "The Dance system". Some basic searching should find it quite easily. Basic trend trading with an interesting approach to entries. Could well help get you started.
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    There is plenty to learn online for free before you have to buy a book or pay for a class
  7. Be resourceful and open-minded and hungry -- everything is available for free o_O;)
    Alot of ppl fail in this game because they're too dim-witted and lazy.

  8. Just keep far away from forums as possible , they are biggest misinformation sites.Just be very cautious

    All you are taught on forums will haunt you and you will end up in the 95% club.
    All misinformation from forum failures will lead to use of this misinformation, At the most basic level, people must trade by processing information. Unfortunately, we're not very efficient information processors. We have a lot of biases that enter into trading decisions

    95 % to 98% of losers hang there

    Forums are purely entertainment visit sites

    Nothing wrong with brokers advertising on ET
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  9. I started out by getting information from forums and ended up a profitable trader. The information that helped me get there wasn't exclusively from forums but a lot of it was hence my post above. Trading is a lonely business, I still come to forums just to spend time with other like minded people. I don't need any help any more but I still love talking about trading. I'm not sure why you are a member here if you have a low opinion of trading forums?!
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    @TRADING EDUCATION BUYER is spamming...
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