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  1. <font color=red>Excellent Condition. </font>
    Wall Street - Nicolas Darvas (Paperback, 1986)

    How I Tripled My Money in the Futures Market - Ulf Jensen (Hardcover, 1994)

    Commodity Trading Systems and Methods. a Ronald Press Publication - Perry J. Kaufman (Hardcover, 1978)

    Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional - Constance M. Brown (Hardcover, 1999)

    Inside Technology Stocks - Bruce F. Wells (Hardcover, 2001)

    Soros On Soros- Soros (Paperback 1995)

    Intermarket Technical Analysis- John Murphy (hardcover)
    The Inner Game of Trading- Robert Koppel and Howard Abell (paperback)

    Investment Psychology Explained- Martin J Pring (Paperback)

    Damn Right- Behind The Scene With Berkshire Hathway Billionaire Charlie Munger- Janet Lowe (hardcover)

    Trading In the Zone -Ari Kiev (hardcover)

    Do You Want to Make Money or Would You Rather Fool Around- John D. Spooner (paperback)

    Winner Takes All- Gallagher (hardcover)

    Getting Started in Hedge Funds- Daniel Strachman (paperback)

    Getting Started in Futures- Todd Lofton (paperback)

    Latticeworks- Robert G Hagstrom( autographed copy)(hardcover)

    Leaps -Harrison Roth(hardcover)

    The Option Adviser- Schaeffer( hardcover)

    Options as strategic Investment- Mcmillan( hardcover)

    The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham (hardcover)

    Buffettology- Mary Buffett (hardcover)

    Martin Zweig's Winning On Wall Street (paperback)

    The Disciplined Trader- Mark Douglas (hardcover)

    Intelligent Futures Trading- Chick Goslin (hardcover)

    Turtle Secrets By Russell Sands

    Profitable Candlestick Trading- Bigalow (hardcover)

    Buffett- Roger Lowenstein ( paperback)
    <font color=red>Underlined Pages or Missing Software</font>
    Technical Analysis Of Stock Trends- Robert Edawards and John Magee Seventh Edition ( Hardcover)( some pages underlined)

    The Option Course- Rudi Binnewies ( Hardcover) ( software missing)

    The Enclyopedia Of Technical Indicators- Robert Colby and Thomas Meyers (hardcover) (some pages underlined)

    Technical Analysis Explained- Martin Pring (hardcover) (heavily underlined)

    Getting Started in Technical Analysis- Jack Schwager (paperback)(heavily underlined)

    The Money Masters- John Train (paperback) (some pages underlined)

    The Nature of Risk by Justin Mamis (hardcover)(some pages underlined)

    Money Masters of Our Time- John Train (hardcover)(some pages underlined)

    Day Trading in to the Millenium- Michael P. Turner (Some Pages underlined)

    The Visual Investor- John Murphy (hardcover) (heavily underlined)

    Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques- Nison (hardcover) (some pages undrlined)


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  2. Great collection! Makin a list.