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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by gms, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. gms


    Here's the thing... I got a solicitation from prophet.net's bookstore about a special they're now running, which is buy any 3 selected books for $54, and that makes them $18 each... but... here's what I noticed. It may be a glitch in their programming their cart, or maybe it won't go through, I don't know, but here's the thing:

    Once I added 3 books to the cart and it automatically changed the price to $18 each, I experimented by changing the quantity of the individual books in the cart to see what would happen. And what happened was that the price stayed at the discounted $18 price per book.

    In other words, I placed 3 books into the cart (one of them was the Ultimate Trading Guide by Pruitt & Hill listed at 69.95!) and the price automatically changed to $18 each to get the sales price. OK. When I upped the quantity of the Hill book to 2, the cart still charged me $18 each for the 4 books in the cart. Upped it to 3 copies of the Ultimate Trading Guide, and the cart still charged $18 for each of the now 5 items in the cart. Like I said, I don't know if that will fly through the checkout or get flagged somewhere down the line, and I immediately thought about a new career selling Hill's book on eBay, but don't wish to bother with it, so here's the link: http://www.invest-store.com/prophetfinance/tl010104.html
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    You can buy Hill's book at Amazon for less than $18. Just check the new/used resellers section. The first one has the book new for $17 and change plus $3.49 s&h.
  3. there are some good VHS's there though that are sold quite expensive otherwise. They're a good deal for $18 a piece.