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  1. pinetboltz


    apparently the guy who made >US$200m trading from his home has written a book on trading, published just a few days ago and now on Amazon Japan's bestseller list

    if the whole thing (previous years of coverage by Bloomberg, other news outlets) is just not a marketing stunt...anyone interested/ proficient in Japanese enough to do a English translation?

    after dropping $$$ in the past for some borderline useful material, i have a feeling that this book is going to be of more actual value to trading than most other publications out there

    at least his real-time tweets are fairly accurate, which gives some credibility to his skills
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    probably wrote the book now that tape-reading doesn't work anymore (due to algos speeding things up beyond recognition)...
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  3. Google Translate is usually good enough for technical papers I find.
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  4. pinetboltz


    i looked around, hard to even do a copy & paste into google translate as the book is either in hardcover or kindle, if any pointers that'd be helpful
  5. zdreg


    your idea is out of the box. make a list where you might find a english speaking and japanese speaking
    person who is semi-proficient in finance.

    I would post on hookup section on ET

    go for it.
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  6. pinetboltz


    i was looking at some of the reviews via google translate and they mention that he doesn't disclose the specific methodology

    if his story is true, still curious on why he chose to write a whole book. but then again so did george soros and ray dalio, so maybe it's for the intellectual satisfaction
  7. I find it amazing that a human day trader stands a chance against the machines today. I keep my mind open.

    Any one knows the title of the book? I searched Google and all I find is CIS is going to publish an upcoming book. No mention about the title.

    EDIT: Found the translated title. "The Investment Philosophy of Man Who Can Single-Handedly Move the Nikkei." Don't know the original japanese title.
  8. canoe


    if you google translate the japanese amazon reviews, they seem very mixed.

    half of it is an autobiogrphy while the other half talks about investing. but he doesn't seem to really go into methodology at all, instead talking in platitudes like "cut losses early", "buy stocks going up, sell stocks going down"

    i mean, yeah no duh.

    and the reviews mention that what he writes in the book contradicts many of the stock plays he tweets online. for example, he writes that he doesn't try to time the bottom and play reversals but it seems like he's done exactly that a few times based on his tweets.

    i do know that in the early 2000s, he used to be a tape reader so obviously that's no longer gonna work anymore in today's world.

    it'd be nice to get an english translation but after reading the reviews, i'm not as hyped about the book as i was before. i'd prob still buy an english translation though since he seems like an eccentric character.
  9. if you send me a pdf/epub file of it, I can read it and give you a summary
  10. mgn


    The Japanese book reviews are not the best.

    This is far better; summarized but detailed year by year analyses of his trading methods, thoughts and development including his email quotes:-

    You will need to get a Japanese chick/bloke to translate..
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