Trading book authors that operating a fund or themselves trade today?

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  1. We know like never before thousand of new trading books printed these days and i'm not sure many of them earn a penny from trading their account?

    I was really shocked to see hundreds of books written by some Ex-programmer and randomly picking some strategies from "somewhere" and converting them into desired languages like C#, java, C++......and then publishing them. All i know most these authors aren't real traders themselves.

    I want to have the list of some good one.
    I will start with Charlie wright book "Trading as a business" and Fund name "" with Max $240 millions under management. Fyi he didn't need to write another book and he is also member of board in Tradestation securities today.

    Show me a prove that actually they still in trading business?
  2. great idea Nana, i will certainly be checking out Trading as a Business, 3 bucks used sounds like a good price to me.

    Toby Crabel would fit this
    "Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout", obviously not exactly worth 900 bucks used unless you find the pdf floating around.

    John Carter might fit, i think his book is nice but i believe he trades his own money.
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    Great Idea Nana.

    To loosely qoute a very successful trader (Sheldon Whateverhisnameis)

    " almost everything you read in those [trading] books is wrong"

    - and it is IMHO. At best the same rubbish plagarised by a non trader from some other non traders plagarised rubbish, at worst I could almost believe their authors are sponsored by people who make a living running stops or by people who need liquidity to unload a stock onto the public at its peak.

    True fund management is altogether a different game from retail trading due to liquidity constraints among others, so I would suggest that managing personal funds is OK if it is clearly their primary business e.g. Livermore was a trader who traded his own money most of his life and wrote a book towards the end of his life.
  4. nice.

    crabel's the real deal--- one of niederhoffer's protegees---multiple great traders/money managers have arisen from niederhoffer's tutelage. :D :D :D
  5. speaking of VN--- he fits the bill perfectly. 'education of a speculator" and "practical speculation" are both classics written by a true living master of the game:
  6. I didn't find crabel book useful to my trading, and still don't understand why his book sold so high price, may be i didn't want to read it throughout. what his method has similarity to mark fisher "logical trader"? I have crabel book in PDF format.
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    How is VN a master of the game??
    :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. ============
    I like some of Charlie Wrights stuff;
    its right & profitable.

    However i would not just consider future trends of managers or thier funds;
    past & present trends may help.

    The Way of The Turtle;
    by Curtis Faith

    As far as proof, no problem;
    gave AMZN less than $50.00/pre order, they traded me that for The Way of The Turtle:cool:
  9. The book "Hedgehogging" is great. It's not really a "trading" book but it's an interesting (and refreshing) read compared to the typical trading books. The author manages a billion or so in his fund.
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    If you wish to see writings of an irrational egotisical mind about to blow up, read that first VN book. just bring your vomit bag.
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