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  1. I've written a trading book for the beginning system designer that takes you through some of the pitfalls I discovered at the beginning. Check it out.

    I usually charge $5 but you can just download it and enter the phrase "War Admiral" in the decryption box. You can get it at

    It's a short (30 pg) overview that gives the beginner a sense of system design and lets you in on some tricks I learned while working for a hedge fund in New York. Please write with any questions or comments.

    Oh yeah. The file is an encrypted file (made with PGP) within a zip file. So you'll need the key above to open it.

    If you find the book useful can afford it, send a donation of $1 to

    p.s. all of the other encrypted files have a different password for members only... sorry....
  2. Seems like the zip file got zeroed on the server so I'm in the process of reloading it now. 12:06pm central time.
  3. Good to go. 12:15pm Central Time

    Sorry for the delay.
  4. From someone with a question. Cheers.



    When you download the zip file, there should be a executable inside. Extract to a local directory.

    Click on the executable (it's a pgp file and totally safe and all files inside have been checked with Norton Anti-Virus).

    Type in the pass phrase from the posting.

    The file should ask you to extract the three files inside the executable -- SP_Tester, ND_Tester and the e-book.

    If you have any further trouble, please feel free to write back. I'll post this reply in the thread if you need the directions again.


  5. I'd like to read this, but not if it requires an exe. Can you post as pdf or doc?
  6. Don't be such a wuss, Vanilla.

    Personally, I'm about as careful as you can get -- I only download things to a non-trading machine. Everything that comes in gets scanned up the wazoo besides. Nothing to be afraid of here.
  7. Lots of people have downloaded the e-book, but there have only been four replies to the poll. Did anyone actually read the book after they downloaded it?
  8. this is BS, dude, you wreak of illegitimacy. sorry i posted in the first place.
  9. nitro


    I wouldn't touch an .exe on a public forum with a ten foot pole.

    I strongly recommend against EVER downloading anything that is an executable from this place. I have even found Excel spreadsheets that contain viruses.

    If the author wants people to read the book, convert it to a .pdf.

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