trading Bollinger bands, RSI & Sma

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by wbbank, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. wbbank


    Does anybody use these as their indicators for an entry point?
  2. Redneck



    Yes Sir I'm sure some do


    You should also know

    There are more ways to trade successfully than anyone can count

    There is no right way or wrong way to trade – there are only profitable ways and non-profitable ways – to trade

    Trading successfully can be as hard or easy as you chose to make it

    There are no experts

    Everything you need to know to trade succesful is already on a price chart (in fact it’s on every chart)

    There's a lot one needs to know to trade profitably, but then there are some things one will never know

    Food for Thought Sir
  3. Bollinger bands, RSI & Sma ?

    Never heard of 'em. :)
  4. jlbishop


    I'm developing a system using primarily these indicators. I've got some pretty darn good results so far in back testing in AmiBroker but as these systems will necessarily result in a Mean Reversion style of trading I'm looking for some good ways to stay out of the way of trend days.

    Any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated!

  5. Pekelo


    I use all 3. BB is mostly for mean reversal. RSI divergence is perfect for double top/bottom. SMA keeps you in the trend on the right side....
  6. JimDay


    The theory behind the bollinger bands is that the market will not stry to far outside the 2nd standard deviation. However as we all know, on days like today you can see that this indicator will get you killed.