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  1. Does anyone have experience with Trading Blox? I see the gentleman who developed it posts here and is held in very high regard.

    1 What are the differences between the versions?

    2 How much do you pay for datafeeds and where do you get them?

    3 Is it easy to use?

    4 Are you able to create your own systems and backtest or is it primarily for the preprogrammed systems (eg Turtles, Donchian, etc.)

    It seems like the customer support is good, I've read through their forum and Curtis posts there often.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. No one's used Trading Blox?
  4. nickmar


    Hi Runningman - I have been a user of Trading Blox Builder (TBB) for the past 1.5 years or so. The Firm also sells two other products: Trading Blox Turtle and Trading Blox Professional but my comments will only pertain to TBB:

    1 - TBB ships with 10 years of free sample data from CSI (38 futures, 15 forex, and 120 stocks). The sample data can be brought up-to-date simply by selecting a menu item in TBB. TBB should work with all external datafeeds that support ASCII and/or MetaStock file formats (e.g.

    2 - TBB is a very powerful tool so there is a learning curve involved if you want to build a system from scratch. Thankfully, TBB currently ships with good documentation and a number of pre-programmed systems that can be tinkered with. I find the user interface to be intuitive.

    3 - You can use TBB to create and backtest pretty much any type of price-based trading system you can imagine. TBB performs true portfolio-level testing - this means that you are able to test rather sophisticated risk management, money management and dynamic portfolio selection strategies.

    Curtis and Tim have provided us with outstanding tech support - as you have noticed, they are very active in the public forums (they are even more active in the private client forums).

    Hope this helps.
  5. TradingBlox has, as you can tell, fans like no other. I'm not a user of the software mainly because of the price and the size of my account - but I would love to use the software - it just seems great. It will require programming, however!

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    Anyone using TradingBlox that has also used TradersStudio? If so, could you please compare and contrast the 2 products?
  7. Do a search and you will find my review of TraderStudio.
  8. Thanks guys. Does anyone know if you buy the entry level software, can you upgrade it later on? Or is the Builder program considered a whole new purchase?
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    I have used Trading Blox since its inception and it is worth every cent. You will find many posts by myself and others on the developers' website and indeed elsewhere on this site. Try to find someone who lives close to you and has the system so you can take a good look.

    I won't go into further details - you will find plenty of information on the TB website. Its a must have for mechanical systems traders using EOD data.

    Anthony Garner
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