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  1. Anybody else here concerned about failing vision and figuring out how to continue trading after the onset of blindness? Other than training a monkey to trade for you?
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    Automating your strategy may be an option.
  3. Thanks for replying. Automation? True, but my concern is the need for continually updating codes. I think I could teach a monkey to trade (Jack does) easier than I could teach my younger wife to code. My current thinking is audibles operating on immutable elements of the daily landscape.
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    Just subscribe to a squawk box and call your orders in to a broker whos down there -
  5. You think that works? You're not just jiving an old man? I can do the same thing now with audibles on the tape, and it doesn't seem to help. I prefer to be predictive rather than reactive.
  6. Is this a serious question?

    Hate to answer with a question, but how much profit are you pulling in? If it is substantial, then I would move to hire a recent graduate and train them to trade your account under a proprietary trading contract. The contract will be binding and once he figures out what is going on, then you can hire more.

    This is a big step though since you will go from a retail trader to a trading business, so all the planning, risk management, etc needs to be in place first. Is that an option for you? You can make money while sitting on the beach some place. :D

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    haha, no i dont think this poster is actually in need of a trading system for the blind....i think hes more worried about going blind from watching charts/computers scenes all day long.

    (if you were blind though)....i'm thinking that trading with a squawk (or someone who is reading the time&sales/bidxask too you) basically the same as trading by watching/reading the tape. But regardless, like anything else you would need a strategy to work around.
  8. if i was going blind I'd quit everything and enjoy while I still can
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    If concerned about failing eyesight due to staring at screens etc, exercise your eyes.
    Close one eye and read with open eye. Repeat process with other eye. Gradually increasing reading time.
    Also practice the 20-20-20 rule. 20 minutes looking at screens-20 seconds looking at an object-20 feet away.
  10. Thank you all for your kind suggestions. I won't be seeing you!
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