Trading Blind - Thanks Esignal

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jessop, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. jessop


    "Due to a severe set of technical issues, we have turned off the storage of bid/ask data on our domestic tick servers. "

    What a bitch :mad:

    Not use to trading off Daily charts with open positions!

  2. Anson


    That was certainly a nasty one. I'm just glad I didn't have any intention to trade today. I know some of the data just went poof! Volume traders (me included) would have been crushed!

    Sorry to hear about your bad day.
  3. my currency future charts are missing data from about 3 - 8 am EST.

    my index future charts are missing the entire day!!

    WTF is happening esignal??
  4. You know what is happening???? They are such an inexpensive company that small mistakes a bound to happen when you ONLy charge close to $170 for basic stuff
  5. Anson


    LOL! Is that sarcasm? Sure sounds oxymoron-ic.
  6. jessop


    Latest from Esignal

    "We are in the process of restoring our db's from a master that successfully stored all the data today. Should be OK by Sunday a.m. (PT). Sorry for the inconvenience."

  7. jessop


    Friday's intraday data is finally back..........

    BTW - anybody who uses Fibs in their trading don't upgrade to R10 yet - because fib retraces and extensions disappear when moving between timeframes. So I've installed R8 back over R10 and its fine.
  8. Anson



    Been reading about several issues with ver 10. I'm sticking to ver 8 as long as I can.
  9. jessop



    Yes that is a good plan.

    I usually wait longer myself - but got suckered in last week when I was bored and upgraded my laptop to try it first!
  10. If it currently works, my motto is leave it alone, no upgrade, just like anytime you update windows usually bugs come with it.

    Tried 8.0 on laptop when it came out but they removed some studies and changed some formulas so didnt like it.

    Esignal 7.9.1 works for me, so sticking with it, been using esignal for past 6 years and never any serious problems, looked at 10 also wasnt impressed at all.

    They need to improve there % winners, and losers as it hasnt been updated in years, limits you to just 10 stocks, 20 would be
    better. Nice find in there on CPSL at the open today, for some nice trading.

    They should also have option were you can just purchase it and just pay for the data feed, most other software packages you can purchase.
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