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  1. tzachi


    Your Tiger sample is wrong. He shows how to hit a ball, not to win the game. Like you teach how to open a position and how to click "close" to get out.
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  2. He posted solid financial statements of their options. You to the contrary have zero track record, have shown nothing, and your reputation is close to zero. From the second you entered this website you started pissing on everyone who rightly questioned your outlandish claims. Everyone can make up their own mind, the statements are online on another thread.

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  3. What a sneaky individual you are is blatantly obvious. I never said what you quoted and you falsified the quote maliciously. Here is what I said:

    "I learned the mechanics of trading from my mentors and experienced traders and books and through education, but to trade profitably I learned 100% on my own, nobody taught me, mentored me or passed the holy grail to me (which by the way does not exist)"

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  4. tzachi


    Actually - our job, when we have our education hat on, is to create things of value and exchange them for money. That's what these videos represent. Something unique in the industry that we assigned a value and price to. So far, judging by the reaction, it appears we set it right.

    The above is your description of what you guys do.
    This has NOTHING to do with someone try to be profitable trader. This paragraph can be of any service provider/tools to measure pressure by eye doctor/bible books/advisory eBooks and many many other items. -CREATING THINGS OF VALUE (to whom???)...FOR MONEY.Your Tiger sample is wrong. He shows how to hit a ball, not to win the game. Like you teach how to open a position and how to click "close" to get out.
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  5. Quite expensive to pay thousands of dollars to learn "how to open a position and how to click "close" to get out". I am happy to teach that for free to anyone interested. PM me.

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  6. tzachi


    And I will do it too for same price...competition is good.
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  7. bbpp


    I agree with GRULSTMRNN:Consistent profitable trading can not be taught.
    I will use an analogy: You can not be taught to get Nobel prize.
    To get a Nobel prize you need to have you own discovery, the discovery that no one in this world knows before. Since no one knows, so no one can teach you.
    In trading no one will teach you his holy grail. Because once his holy grail becomes known to public, it will not work any more.
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  8. Wheezooo


    "Nobody can learn how to trade profitably by being taught. "

    - I did.
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  9. JigsawTrading

    JigsawTrading Sponsor

    There's been no point in my time at this site that I have "pissed on" anyone. I've been polite and patient with people like yourself that understandably believe that everything is a con.

    All I know about you so far....
    - you did some NGO work
    - you posted your degree certificates online
    - you know how to trade from books and mentors but insist you did all the work
    - you feel that there is a 'mechanics' of trading that you were taught yet you did all the 'real work'

    If you met me in real life, without your 'all vendors are evil' hat on - you would no doubt agree with me. Learning where to get in and out is part of the battle. It is a very important part of the battle. It's cause & effect. You can't get a move without something tiggering it.

    The other part of the battle is getting over the way you behave when you have money at risk. Hence people moving stops to defend against a loss and taking profits early. It becomes a mind game.

    The entire reason for these videos - is you see Joe go through those mind games. He clearly does stuff he regrets and goes over it and yet over the 2 years comes out stronger and trading size. Hence the video series.

    To you, everything is a con and always will be. The videos offer the chance to see someone go from 3 lots to 300 on a live account. You feel this is of no value fine. It's still 100% legit and if you don't think so - complain to the CTFC who have recently clamped down on people claiming to be live when they aren't.

    Then let us know how that turns out - it'll be the best marketing material we ever had.
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  10. JigsawTrading

    JigsawTrading Sponsor

    Great - game of 'strangle the analogy'.

    We offer things of value for money (sales)
    We offer things of value for no money (marketing)

    The value is always to the person on the receiving end of course.

    So here to you, is my offer of something we did last week for no money. If you want to do a 100% honest review of us - why not take a look and provide us with your critique.

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