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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by JigsawTrading, Sep 24, 2019.

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  1. themickey


    Ok, I'll add my suggestion after mulling your statement for a couple of seconds....
    You may be right for traders who trade succesfully day in day out, eg short term traders pulling trigger several times a day (sort of) but for longer term traders such as myself, I average around hold time of 2 months, maybe doesn't apply. Much easier imo to be profitable on longer time frames. A prop shop would sack me as my activity is too low, 180 positions placed in 1-1/2 years (since keeping a log record).
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  2. It may need more trades to gain a statistically significant profile. The longer timeframe one trades the higher the probability to be right. After all the impact of transaction costs completely diminishes with longer holding periods. Then it's either up or down, 50% probability. I can tell you one thing: letting a beginner trade 50 or so times a day and if he comes out even after transaction costs are accounted for then that guy is one I will definitely consider a keeper for further inspection.

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  3. SumZero


    Out of curiosity, what would be the profit split in a company like Axia ? 80/20 ?
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  4. Calmness


    You summed up the reality ..!!
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  5. In case you missed the thread where Destriero posted multiple account statements, Axia allegedly is in debt and is in a much worse condition than Jigsaw makes it out to be. Allegedly.

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  6. tzachi


    Everyone has a job. Trader's job is to buy /sell financial product and make more than losing.

    JigsawTrading job is to sell you general trading education tools (not to teach how to trade profitable, if they knew how to make more money trading, they will not bother pushing other people videos for 399). They are the shovels sellers/lottery ticket stands/University professors know it all but cannot do it. A legitimate way of make a living but has nothing to do with being a profitable trader. They can same way sell how to ebooks for race driving/chess master player/poker player/etc.

    If you want to be a profitable trader, put in years of learning why price move, when, identify a few repeat patterns over years, learn money management and above all: have balls of steal and mental capacity of a soldier to follow your trading plan and execute it under any conditions whatsoever (after you managed to establish one by yourself and trust your work)
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  7. JigsawTrading

    JigsawTrading Sponsor

    My advice to you would be to not mention the above post to the next person you want to teach you anything.

    "I learnt stuff from mentors but they didn't contribute to my success".

    You are very conflicted in your statements. It seems the reality is that you were taught how to trade but were merely responsible for implementing what you were taught.

    This is the same with everything that is taught. There is an old saying "you can lead a horse to water".
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  8. JigsawTrading

    JigsawTrading Sponsor

    Like their accounts, you'd need to ask them directly. I personally don't answer such questions because I consider it a breach of trust. If it's information they want in the public domain, then they are free to answer the questions themselves.

    They are not allowed to answer those questions here because only site sponsors are allowed to answer questions about themselves. I understand the reasons for those rules and I think they are fine. It's not as if Axia are hiding - they have a phone number and a well known address in the City.
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  9. JigsawTrading

    JigsawTrading Sponsor

    This is hearsay. As I've mentioned - it's a group of companies, many of then outside of the UK. Common sense should tell you that to buy a building for over $6M and fund the margins to cover 1000s of lots would require a much larger commitment than was presented in the accounts.

    Destriero, like yourself, is disgruntled with the entire industry, so you both end up painting everyone with the same brush.

    You are also totally committed to that viewpoint, like a religion. It results in confirmation bias.
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  10. JigsawTrading

    JigsawTrading Sponsor

    Actually - our job, when we have our education hat on, is to create things of value and exchange them for money. That's what these videos represent. Something unique in the industry that we assigned a value and price to. So far, judging by the reaction, it appears we set it right.

    I find it odd that traders cannot understand the concept of making money when you are not working. It's called diversification and one of the key tenets of risk reduction.

    GOLF TV recently commissions Tiger Woods to produce an educational series on Golf. He got paid for this and GOLF TV monetize it. By your measure, this proves that Tiger Woods cannot play golf.

    BTW - package is available till the 10th - but after that we can't keep offering a place in the prop firm tour.
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