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    Do you happen to know if they accept a track record based on simulated trading? If not, what would I need to show them to get backing? And by that I mean that their money is at first loss and I do not put up a single penny of my own capital.
    I am also wondering how their traders were able to start afresh after losing their deposits defrauded at Futex and why they decided to get a similar arrangement with FCT Europe - history can repeat itself.
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  3. JigsawTrading

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    They wouldn't fund you based on a SIM account but it'd get you into a conversation.

    The reason they wouldn't fund you directly is that they are skilled at developing talent & so they are experienced in knowing what happens when you go from SIM to live.

    When Futex went belly up, some of their traders basically together to form Axia and found a benefactor whose funds they can trade. That benefactor is worth half a billion dollars, there's no management layer to run off with the money - I think they are pretty safe.
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    Most retail traders put in hours but doing the wrong things. Their entire focus is clicking buy & sell. They move from one technique to another, never understanding that they have some skills to develop.

    I think there's hard work, here's long hours and then there's time spent doing things that will actually make a difference. You need all 3.

    I think many confuse long hours with productivity.
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  5. The answer is that "it depends". It depends on the task one wants to succeed in and at which level one wants to excel at. Profitable trading requires both, talent and hard work. It cant be learned by someone who does not have the required talent/properties. Talent cannot be acquired. Let me repeat that, trading requires talent that cannot be learned. That means, nobody who does not possess those talents will succeed in trading, not with training, videos, education, hard work, or 30 hears of effort. Very few individuals possess those talents. Less than 1 in 100, perhaps less than 1 in 1000,nobody knows the precise number. And then, out of this small subset those few still need to put in hard work and years of experience to make it. That is why almost every single trading desks either hires experienced traders who have a proven track record or otherwise trains beginners ONLY through an apprenticeship or internship in order to see whether the individual possesses such talents. No trading desk to my knowledge hires some anonymous guys, interviews them for a little and then hires and trains them as full time traders.

    The huge problem there is in this industry is liars who make money from beginners as self proclaimed educators by suggesting the required talents are much more widely spread and hence many more people can become profitable traders with some effort and hard work and of course, with the purchase of their discounted products. It is a lie and not true. If one possess the right talents and has the willingness to work hard then one can make it all on his own. But one needs to test first whether the required talents are found in such person.

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    OK - I get it - it's just other people that have opinions. You are the guy here with the facts.

    Chances of winning UK Lottery when it started were 14,000,000 to 1. The odds have lengthened since I left but it's clearly ludicrous to assert the chances of making it as a trader are the same as a lottery win.

    Well -I hope that's the dick swinging out of the way!

    So let's get this right
    - you learned how to trade but nobody taught you
    - you have degrees but they contributed nothing to your efforts
    - nobody can learn how to trade by being taught
    - traders can only make it if they are driven to attain knowledge - but none of that knowledge can be passed on from somebody else

    If that is true - then I presume you think Joe Cary (the guy in the videos) doesn't exist because
    - he learned how to trade and somebody taught him
    - he has no degrees
    - he used knowledge passed on to him by others

    In terms of presenting people that learned from Jigsaw and are now profitable, you asked for an example and immediately hinted that it would be fake.

    I find your logic is quite tortured.
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  7. Read my last post, it's explained in fine grained detail.

    But I still love to answer your questions directly:

    - you learned how to trade but nobody taught you
    I learned the mechanics of trading from my mentors and experienced traders and books and through education, but to trade profitably I learned 100% on my own, nobody taught me, mentored me or passed the holy grail to me (which by the way does not exist)

    - you have degrees but they contributed nothing to your efforts
    Never said that, you injected that claim. My education helped me a great deal in understanding how trading mechanics work, pricing works,... But it NEVER helped me in becoming profitable.

    - nobody can learn how to trade by being taught
    Nobody can learn how to trade profitably by being taught. Everyone can learn how trading works through being taught. But profitable trading can only be learned by one's talents and only very few possess such talents. You obviously don't possess them else you would not be making money from selling videos.

    - traders can only make it if they are driven to attain knowledge - but none of that knowledge can be passed on from somebody else
    Wrong. The acquisition of knowledge alone does not make anyone a profitable trader. Inherent talent cannot be acquired nor learned nor purchased yet still is required as base ingredient.

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  8. themickey


    This paragraph is interesting and I'm not sure I agree with it.
    Actually this paragraph would make for a very interesting thread all on its own.
    So what you perhaps imply is trading is a very unique industry in which most apprentices fail.
    Eg, most employees learn the job from education and experience, they go home at night, switch off and start again in the morning, most can be hired from online CV's and a 1 hour job interview.
    Trading is that unique?
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  9. That is what I believe from empirical evidence, yes. Profitable traders are almost as rare a breed as true psychopaths, and forensic experts, you can train idiots all their life to solve complex murder cases, 1 in 1000 has the right mental makeup to excel in that niche job. All others fail regardless how much education you throw at them. There are very few jobs on this planet that require unlearnable traits and talents. I believe profitable trading is one of them. Another is being a profitable poker player. Very very rare breeds.

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  10. traider


    Real profitable traders are like black swans. Few actually show a real profitable account on ET.
    Better to work a fast food job and invest. Faster compounding this way
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