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  1. It sounds sleazy because it is. Selling pipe dreams to dreamers without the ability to make it. Those people never learned or heard that if one does not make it on his own nobody can make them make it via shortcuts such as a few thousands in "education". A lie sold to fools who don't know better. Greed makes people do incredibly stupid things.

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  2. I am a full time trader yes. For over 14 years. Feel free to search for images of my setup in the appropriate thread. Posted degree certificates from the programs I claimed I studied at, also think I posted the job contract first pages at the hedge funds and banks I worked at if I am not mistaken, but I think under my old userid.

    I never judged Jigsaw Trading as an educator. I claim that trading can't be learned by 99% people or more and that the handful few who make it are so driven and motivated that they attained all the necessary knowledge themselves and add to their skill set all on their own. I certainly never heard in my over 19 year long career of a single person who could not profitably trade, watched a few videos and course materials and then became a profitable trader, not after 1 year not 10 years not 30 years. Never heard of a single person. Please point to that person that you find on the net along with his factual backup and evidence. (although I am sure that one will miraculously emerge, proudly presented by Mr. Video Educator, some kid who claims he watched some videos and leaned over the shoulder of some successful trader and bam, he turned profitable. I am sure a few bucks will make quite a few broke kids make such claims).

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  3. JigsawTrading

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    Axia back traders. Some of the larger Axia traders also back traders themselves.

    They are not in the same line of business as topstep - which is selling trials with a view to be funded if you pass. Their recruitment is like any other bricks & mortar prop firm.

    Last time I was there, I bumped into a Jigsaw customer on the Trading Floor - they'd just recently taken him on, which was a nice surprise. Not a brand new trader but a retail trader crossing over.

    So yes, they do take on traders.

    As for your other comments - prop trading is all about being rewarded for taking educated risks. You'd need to know a lot more about their organization and backing to understand their exposure. They are effectively backed by one of the largest ever options traders. As such an accomplished trader himself, it's fair to say he's probably better qualified to assess the exposure from the inside than we are from the outside.
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  4. JigsawTrading

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    Not at all - it was a tongue in cheek reply to the idea that Joe 'got lucky' over the 2 years he went from 3 contracts to 300.

    He wasn't. He worked hard, he reviewed his results every day. He grew in size, took some knocks but stuck with it.

    If this is 'luck' - it is certainly making your own - because it's a far cry from what most retail traders are prepared to do.
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  5. Seaweed


    Serious questions. Does he make more money then you? And if he does, why don't you just trade? Its your material after all, and your software. You have all the tools and knowledge yourself.

    This isn't like tennis where at the age of 50 you can no longer compete since your body is tired, but are experienced enough to coach. You should be able to trade at his same level, hence negating the need to advertise and sell software.
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  6. JigsawTrading

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    I get this point of view and it is an interesting one.

    The fact is that the best traders in ANY prop firm are performing better than the people that teach at those firms. It's the role of a good prop firm manager to use the experiences/knowledge of the better performers to help those starting out. To use that mass of collected knowledge to benefit the group.

    The guy that just made his first 500k day is one of their best - but he doesn't teach.

    Think of it like golf - Tiger woods has a coach who cannot beat Tiger woods in tournament. But he can obviously play.

    There never has been a ceiling on how good you become at any discipline based on those that taught you.

    As for why someone would want multiple streams of revenue - diversification & the fact it's actually a lot of fun to work with so many people in the industry. On my first ever trip to Axia, I got in the lift and 3 guys I'd never seen before said "hey - aren't you Peter Davies?" - a little embarrassing that - but a number of the traders there found out about order flow from our early work. It's nice.
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  7. And with this you present the perfect reason nobody should pay thousands for a few educational videos and other thrown in gimmicks: that guy did all that on his own, without videos, without any educational trading crap. He is one in a thousand. A rare breed, but above everything else, self determined and self driven. Where does your service fit in exactly is a mystery to me.

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  8. JigsawTrading

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    Absolutely right - none of the UK-based entities that the members here know about have revenue above that level. Not that I'd know how that relates to trading profits as I'm not sure how 'turnover' is calculated in a prop firm.

    We also don't know how their trading floors in Warsaw and Cyprus factor into the picture either.
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  9. KeLo


    Trading is certainly not as easy as some portray.

    96% of all businesses fail within 10 years according to Inc magazine, so it is similar to trading as a business.

    Why do people do something that has such low odds? IMO it is because they desire more autonomy. In many cases they fail due to lack of knowledge.

    I am always skeptical about trading educators, but I believe that some are legit.

    People have to try something to really know if they have the aptitude. They can trade in Sim mode while learning, without risking their life savings.

    Mr. Market also charges a very high tuition.

    Again, my statement is in general. I am not that interested in studying Jigsaw as I have spent years developing my own style. IMO the "Holy Grail" is finding the style that suits your personality.

    Have a good day.
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  10. RedDuke


    Typically no one in their mind would ever sell profitable strategy. But there are always exceptions, like SOES bandits, but they needed man power to exploit the edge while it lasted.

    I think education in trading serves a single purpose to help a trader find their own edge/method, apart from similar examples that I stated above.

    Manpower is no longer needed though, a firm needs just few good developers so to speak.

    Best of luck!
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