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  1. Even if the authenticity of all videos was guaranteed, so what? You certainly did not learn from that guy else you would not he peddling a subscription service here. What keeps me posting in response to content like yours is that you guys suggest that anyone with a strong enough determination, enough capital, hard work, and plenty of time can learn profitable trading. That is simply not true, not a single study ever has confirmed such suggestion. Of course you can reply that you never suggested such (although you pretty directly do in fact) and that you just offer for sale a product and let others decide whether they find value in that. Sure, fair, but then you still gamble and play with the low intellect and greed and shortsightedness of those who erroneously put their hope in an endeavor that was never suited for them (and is not suited for the other 99%).

    And in the end you openly admit its alike a lottery for those who did not find their way to trading on their own early on. You basically sell lottery tickets not for a few dollars but for multiple thousands of dollars. All I am saying is that your product is wayyyyyy overpriced given what you are offering. But it seems that selling hope and dreams always was a profitable business for slick salesmen.

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  2. JigsawTrading

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    Some people believe trading is impossible. That every service is a scam. That only one in a million can do it.

    Others believe it's an industry, with jobs, where some perform better at those jobs than others.

    It's all a matter of perspective. Crafted by our personal experiences.

    We have a platform focused on a narrow range of techniques, we educate in those techniques and we show them used by a trader that trades small size and grows to large size. It is quite clear that this wouldn't satisfy you but then nothing would because your experiences only permit one opinion, right?
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    I studied FCT Europe's Ltd (used by Axia traders) financial statements. If their traders are regularly having days with such high profits then why is the company showing a negative profit and loss account (reduced by approx. £800k in 2018 which suggests that is the profit they made last year)? If we assume £800k is their 10% share of traders' profits, then traders made about £8M. Is that close to the truth?
    Also, what is the purpose of promoting these videos if Axia does not offer financial backing to anyone - do you want people who cannot afford to put up trading capital to be jealous? I can also say - hey, you know this guy, Leo Messi, he makes like $1M a DAY, even when he sleeps. So what? How can one get Axia to back them to prove they can be good traders too?
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  4. JigsawTrading

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    FCT isn't just used by Axia, it's part of the same group.

    There's a number of companies in the group and looking at any one in isolation obviously doesn't give the full picture. For instance, they recently purchased a building in London which was for sale for £6,000,000, yet people on here claimed their balance sheet only have a few thousand in assets.

    It's just a matter of looking at part of the picture and drawing a conclusion. Other parts of the picture are that they have numerous traders, trading bigger and bigger size and that's not done without a great deal of capital either.

    It, therefore, seems to be the conclusion that they let traders grow from 3 to 300 lots and others to trade up to 1000 lots, taking more and more risk, without making a profit in the meantime. That would mean constantly injecting more capital for margin - but then no-one can find all the capital in the books either!

    There's a lot of confusion for those trying to figure it out based on the partial info and as a private company, they are under no obligation to clear it up.

    In terms of the purpose of providing the videos. You have education - which gives you method, then you have someone taking you through trades blow-by-blow. To back that up. A bit like learning pretty much any other skill. Certainly helped me play tennis!
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    Yes, this property was sold for £5,525,000 actually.
    I realise they only need to post margin for their COMBINED net position in any particular product, which significantly reduces the amount of capital needed.
    However, what about the main question: does Axia/FCT offer any financial backing to any new traders?
    If not, then when handing over your money to them you must remember what happened with Futex, that you will be treated as any other creditor of a private company and that your funds' safety depends not only on your own trading but on the performance of those "star-traders" who must be taking ENORMOUS risk to achieve such high daily profits and can potentially bring the whole company down any trading day. In return, you get low commission rate and potentially huge leverage if you want it. As if the exchange native 50-odd to 1 leverage was not enough. Is it worth it? Unless FCT can provide first-loss money, then it is a different story. Perhaps they might want to join this forum to post their official reply?
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  6. bpj

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    Well, at least we know they did not have a turnover of more than £10.2M in 2018 as otherwise they would need to file a profit and loss account.
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  7. d08


    Those are such sleazy statements. "Making your own luck" means nothing. Luck is always external, that's just the definition of luck. If all it takes is a good firm to teach good methods, there would be so many trading millionaires as "working hard" is quite common, not a rare quality.
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    Did you ever hear the story of Squeaky the Chicago Mouse?
    It seems that Squeaky was floating on his back along the Chicago River one day. Approaching the Michigan Avenue lift bridge, he called out: Raise the bridge! I have an erection!
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  9. KeLo


    Just curious...
    What are your qualifications to judge Jigsaw Trading as a trading educator?

    Have you taken the Jigsaw course?

    Are you a full-time trader?

    Since you mention "low intellect", what IQ would you consider to be a high intellect?

    P.S. I know very little about Jigsaw. I have my own techniques, so I am not that interested in Jigsaw.
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  10. Except that mine are not opinions they are facts. Fact is that you sell a dream and endorse the concept that hard work, good education, time, and investments will lead ultimately to success. That suggestion is simply false. You clearly see the rate of success equal to a lottery win, you made that literally clear 2 posts ago. The hard truth that you hate to see circulated is that most everyone (and I am willing to wager a measured bet that literally everyone) who paid thousands of dollars for your service did not end up becoming a consistently profitable trader but actually ended up thousands poorer.

    And your first paragraph is very misleadingly worded, on purpose, I reckon. I never stated that trading profitably is impossible. Never stated such. Also never stated every service is a scam. But I think most likely nobody who ever paid you turned into a profitable trader and those who turn out to become profitable traders almost all become so on their own without paying a single penny to "educators". Would you ever dare to put such disclosure on your website I would be the first one to worship at your feet for your honesty. But I know you won't ever do it because it hurts your business. You rather take the hard earned dollars from the desperate hopefuls.

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