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  1. 2FT


    I can't comment on their internals at all. But out of curiosity... Let's just say that outwardly they do not appear to be firing on all pistons. At least I hope they aren't, because it isn't a good look. Gut says something is wrong.
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  2. JigsawTrading

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    Agreed - but the invite is still open to all.

    In fact, here's a younf lad I know with Alex at Axia - he's a son of one of my oldest and dearest school friends. He's an absolute wizard at math but no clue what to do with those skills - nor do his teachers. It's sort of outside their realm.

    So I asked Alex if he could come down and visit to learn more about the industry. Give him a clue of one direction he could head in.


    The Alex (the CEO) spent a great deal of time talking to him and his dad, they got to spend time on the floor and meet the traders.

    Absolute class acts at Axia.

    No idea what the step ladders are for though.... I guess Mo left a job unfinished...
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  3. JigsawTrading

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    Of course not.

    Destriero has what could best be described as a "massive hard-on" for Axia, so he rolls out these claims all the time to bring these threads back to life - hence his post a short while ago after I thought we'd been round the houses on this enough times.

    Right now, Alex (the CEO) is on a one month vacation - they tend to have long vacations there - I think Joe took 5 or 6 weeks off over the summer.

    Axia are backed by a man that is worth half a billion dollars. They sit in a building that cost them millions and they paid a hefty sum to renovate it - it's lovely. The trading floors, the wall paintings, the yoga studio, the yoga teacher, the outdoor gym, BBQ area. They had a great year because they are heavily into momentum trades and the news in the past 12 months gave us a lot of volatility.

    It is a GROUP of companies though - and old Diedrieo doesn't know enough about group accounting to understand that - so he's always waving the smoking gun of the small education subsidiary they have around which basically says "See, they aren't killing it in the education business" - which is because it ain't their main focus. This is a good thing - if it WAS their main source of income old Drearyo would be saying "but they make all their money from training not trading". The man will have a priapism if he's not careful.

    But feel free to pay them a visit - this year, next year, the year after. I'll be there July/August 2020 if some of you want to set up an afternoon where they put on a presentation for us and a tour - I could certainly arrange it.
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  4. JigsawTrading

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    Will your son be able to do it?

    Depends - did he get your looks & your wife's brains or vice-versa?
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  5. destriero


    500MM? Carlsson is not worth $20MM. FCT lost money in 2019. Wait for the financials to be posted.
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  6. destriero


    ...because they lose money.

    This will all be deleted as Peter will complain and the mods will delete as they have before when I posted PCTs financials.
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  7. tzachi


    :) Vice versa....
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  8. Wheezooo


    That's sad, he needs to switch schools. In the mean time tell him to go read some Bayes, Ramsey and Laplace.

    If he desn't know what to do after that, there's always the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for him to solve. Bet that keeps him busy for a few days... or centuries.
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  9. JigsawTrading

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    lol - good stuff - I (of course) - had to look that up.... will recommend those books - I put him on to Pablo Triana (lecturing birds on flying) and Taleb - so he gets the other side of "math resolves everything"

    He's still in High School - but you know how it is in school - there's a lot of stuff the teachers don't know. When I was at school, they did all these tests for our ideal career and said I should be a social worker...

    2 close friends of mine where maths whizzes (sp?) - at school both got picked up by the financial industry from University, as of leaving school in 1988, they had no clue what the markets were - none of us did, really. One ended up more on the quantitative side and one is in India now setting up new markets out there for one of the really big firms.

    I guess times have changed with the internet but let's face it - don't we all get sort of blank looks when we explain as in REALLY explain what it is we do?
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  10. JigsawTrading

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    He's a shoo-in then
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