Trading Beginner Rackets

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  1. Greetings to gentle ETer's world-wide! We here at the Mumbai Chai Shoppe and Trading Boutique have pooled our fundings and are girdling ourselfs to trade the Hershey Beginner Rackets! We could afford but two thousands of the US dollars, so our new accounting with the Interactive Breakers allows us to trade only the NQ, and that only during the day session (we must take great care with the time zonings!). We have coded up the Cash Cow algorithum (felicitous naming, as we here honour the cow!) into the Easy-Signal pseudo-code, we have optimised and tested it back, and now we are ready to forward the testing! So please be wishing us the good lucks, and we will be posting the resultings tomorrow! How can we fail since we have the Cash Holy Cow!

    And be assured, we will not shirk our responsibilities to the childrens of the limit order traders at the Chicago Muscastel Exchange whom we will be impoverishing. We can see from the CNN that the Chicagouns are, like your new president and us, persons of colour, so in solidairity we will be establishing a funding to feed them in their time of need, in the spirit of sharing that Hershey taught us all. Further, we intend to put our wealth to good using. From the Hershey hyperbolic wealth calculator, we find that before the year is out we will be able to bring peace to our subcontinent by buying all of Pakistan. We calculate further that we will have enough left over to ship every Pak to America with enough cash in hand to revive the American economy.
  2. I don't see how this DOESN'T get old for you. Can't you fill the void in your life some other way?
  3. Tovarich Raskolnikov, you will not work your schismatism on us! We are the true beliefers! Keep an open eye and look for us to post our trade blotting after the morning runs of price.
  4. I have the runs some mornings!:(
  5. We here are thinking the Cash Cow coding is misnomered! Today for us it is the Cash Goat, eating everything! We have traded four Hershey Rackets so far and we cannot even yet buy the family plot to deport one poor lowly raghead! Peace in the subcontinent is a far away dream. We must contact the Israelights and see if they have room for ours where they plan to deport theirs.
  6. We just traded our fifth Hershey Racket of the morning. Could a Hersheyite tell us if 31 of your dollars and forty of your cents is all we should be expecting in netted profit for all our troubling? At least at your Lost Vegas we would be getting the drinks and goggling the semi-naked womens!
  7. Ribs


    you are all willing to play the game and make a fool out of hershey etc

    but I don't see things like that.

    I happen to know that behind these posts are REAL flesh and bone people

    Therefore, I ask myself, What is hershey's illness

    No man can bullshit as much as Hershey without believing in it

    no man

    So what does Jack have, Alzheimer or what
  8. Something is smelling here! We were looking at the Hershey coding and found it bloated as a dead cow by the roadside in the midday summer sun! Our programmers have recast the Racket in price and volume action and coded it in less than 25 SLOCs! No wonder you outsource your softwears to us!
  9. Ribs (but not of the Cow, we are hoping!), here in India we have many such old men. They sit by the roadside, sallow, grey, eye-glassed (with eyes glassed as well), bearded, thin, mulleted, wearing castoff old tuxes. They contemplate the navel and therein see many universal truths. Our young mens dote on their every word because they promise surcease from the sufferings of poverty and escape from undeserved anonymity. All can be seen wandering the countryside muttering strange incatations of celestial channels and voluminous guasians, whatever those might be. They dream of rockets, icebergs and slaloms here in the midst of the urban wilderness.
  10. I'd hate to have your IQ. And I mean that in the opposite way in which most people would mean it. You got a bit of the John Nash thing going on.

    Fine line, M, fine line.

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