trading became profitable when...

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  1. Active Trader magazine always highlights the "normal average trader" who became profitable in their trading when they____________.

    If you are a profitable trader currently, what was the key turning point? I'll throw out some thoughts:

    You became a profitable trader when...

    *you stopped trading without a plan
    *started to read price action only
    *turned off the p&l feature
    *started using pivots, support etc.
    *focused in on one indicator (MACD, RSI, CCI)
    *studied moving averages (5,10,20 etc.)
    *change your time period to trade (I.E. from looking at 1 minute charts to 15 minute charts...

    Of can be a combination of many things...lets hear it, many will benefit from this thread and discussion...
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    *stopped writing endless inane bullshit on ET
  3. Sir...this is a very, very serious thread...many, many will benefit from it..this is to help "the many"
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    The good news is that you have the self-awareness to know that this refers to you. That is the first step -- admitting you have a problem. Good luck with recovery.
  5. Its a combination of things, and not all strategies work in all markets. For example forks dont work well in futures, like they do in FX.

    I find that the best trades come when I have the patience to really wait for the opportunity, rather than say to myself "Well it might work" and take the trade anyway, and lose money. Wait for the right set ups, then employ proper MM according to your account size, risk tolerance, and trading method.

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  7. Scott, Scott, Scott...hmmm..think about it...I make an innocent post and look at the way you react...hmmm...the best to you...
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    took profits.
  9. great post!