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    why look for Market Wizards on audio book when you can find a copy at a place like Amazon for a good price.
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    I'm going to be doing a lot of driving on my vacation next week and am looking for something to pass the time.
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  3. slacker


    Get the cassette edition where Schwartz is the narrator. (About $6 on Amazon)

    The narrator on CD version is a drone with no feeling and adds nothing to the story. Then used a cassette player to play into the computer.

    All of the interviews for Market Wizard are on Amazon. Some are good. All have a drone narrator instead of the real people. The Paul Tudor Jones Market Wizard is good, but I am a PJT fan...

    I use Audacity, to convert CDs and cassette into Mp3

    I convert everything to mp3 so it will play everywhere.

    I would also add "Black Swan" by Taleb and "Trader" by Paul Tudor Jones to my list of very enjoyable trader selections.

    Good luck,
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