Trading Attracts "Loner" Types

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by cubsguy81, Jan 25, 2009.

Are you....

  1. Single, not interested in dating long term

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  2. Single, interested in dating long term

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  3. Dating Long Term

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  4. Married

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  1. It seems that many traders prefer to be alone in terms of relationships.

    Women are too difficult, don't wan't to deal with them, would rather be independent and free, enjoy variety, etc

    How many of you remain single vs dating long term or married?

    I think this speaks volumes to the type of person that is attracted and ultimately successful or not in trading.
  2. I don't think it's that simple. Its not a choice alot of people can make. Waking up and deciding not to be single. I know many average looking guys who makes lots of money drive nice cars, live in kick ass apartments have high education play sports etc. and cant get a girl. You have to be able to market yourself. The girl at the gym/store/subway will not know you are worth being with unless you tell her. And a lot of people have problems getting over that part.
  3. Are you implying to use your financial status to attract women? Isn't that opening yourself up for ruin and gold diggers?
  4. I think you have to be more independently driven, which may make one more likely to prefer being single, but I doubt you can generalize all traders as "loners"
  5. Personally, I have also believed the same - that is, the profession of trading is prone to attract independent and self-motivated people with high capacity for critical thinking.

    I think the term "loner" is a bit of a misnomer but in the end, trading is a career pursued solo.
  6. unsuccessful traders remain lonely while winners surround themselves by babes ;)
  7. You kinda missed the point. Point = Marketing = Game. Otherwise you are gonna be lonely. Not by choice. Mose of the traders I know work in big trading rooms 20+ people and can't imagine working at home! Yet they are still single, not by choice but by lack of skill.