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  1. Just looking for interview tips on a Trading Assistant position within Oppenheimer Funds. Personally, I graduated 4 years ago and have been in the mortgage industry game ever since. The job is too unstable and I'm looking to get back into Finance and I hope this will be my foot in the door.

    Please let me know what questions to ask and what questions I should prepare to answer at the interview. They will require that I pass the 7, 63, and 55 exams.

    Obviously, I'm have been out of the game or was never in the game, I graduated Rutgers with an Economics degree with an Accounting concentration and also a Math minor. 4 years of mortgage experience, quick leanrner and great attitude and work ethic.

    Any help is very appreciated, thank you and have a nice day.
  2. They might ask why you want to be a trader.
  3. I've had a few interviews in Chicago and that has been question #1 for each of the following....

    Group One
    Transmarket Group
    WH Trading
  4. if there was a best answer to that question, how do you think it would go?
  5. I am confused b/c I thought Oppenheimer funds would be buyside. And Buyside places dont require (even sometimes frown upon) Series 7, etc...

    So are you going to be (buyside) working with portfolio managers and mutual funds? or (sellside)working with other salestraders, asnwering phones and wining and dining clients for order flow?

    Two totallly different jobs, work environments, and skillsets..... Lets decide on which type of job you are going for first.
  6. As I said I have little knowledge in this field, so please walk me through it. I am studying as much as possible in the meantime...

    Job Description and Responsibilities:

    support traders with execution of trades
    research and resolve trade and trade settlement issues and perform other functions related to the trading process.
    coordinate resolution of discrepancies with Operations as necessary
    assist with assigned projects
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    I'll give you an idea about what these responsibilites really are.

    support traders with execution of trades...
    Get me a latte, i'm working a deal right now and I can't leave the desk.

    research and resolve trade and trade settlement issues and perform other functions related to the trading process...
    Go find that file, or file this under "who gives a shit"

    coordinate resolution of discrepancies with Operations as necessary...
    Tell that bitch
  8. Ok. Its an entry level trading job, so they are going to look mainly at these things:

    1) Ability to multitask in a fast paced environment.

    2) ability to prioritize what needs urgent attention vs stuff that can wait until later in the day.

    3) attention to detail. Repeated mistakes (typos, etc) cause $$$ to be lost, and also make more headaches for other operations people to fix them, etc..

    Try to subtlely address these points and get them across in your interview...

    As far as "career goals" thats a trick yone.. Some places dont want someone "overly ambitious" b/c they are afraid you will jump ship ASAP... Others dont want to bother training someone that isnt motivated, etc....

    Its a hard questions to answer.. Just try to answer it that you want to learn the business, and do the job to the best of your ability and see where it takes you., etc
  9. thank you rhino and mdl for giving me 2 sides of the coin, but going back to rhino, i dont care to sweat and belittle myself to get ahead in life, so do you think this is a great opportunity even though i might be fetching lattes (thinking long term). how long does someone usually stay as an assistant anyway?

    anyone please chime in on this one
  10. That really depends on the firm... And also your compensation. You might be an 5-10 year "assistant" to a top producer, making more than other firms "traders."

    Its not all in the title. But if you are there for more than 1 1/2 years and get the impression you are being pidgeon-holed and cant progress, get out of there...
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