Trading Assistants $8,000 a year

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  1. Hi

    I employ traders from low cost countries in the far east, eastern europe and Africa.

    Must have fast reliable unlimited broadband internet and be knowledgeable , experienced and interested in trader's psychology.

    40 hours a week , must have back up computers and speak good English.

    Skills technical analysis, balls and the ability to execute flawlessly.Must be able to follow systems and rules.Must be reliable.

    Deductions are made for costly errors from wages.

    p m as you will get training which other people charge $3,000 per week.
  2. Such a generous offer.....
  3. It is certainly a generous offer , and I am already employing 3 people full time.

    In some countries you can live off $8k, be grateful for getting paid to go to Las Vegas.
  4. Deductions are made for costly errors from wages.


    LOL. I don't know where to start. Where is the website? Where is the bio on this individual? Do you really think this is how you get suckers? I guess.

    Note: I will employ individuals and teach them trading in some of the greatest places on Earth!!! You need to book your ticket through me, lodging through me, have money for trading account, and then get more traders where i can make more money being the middle man.

    Yes, soon I will rule the world!!!
  5. Your errors, or their errors?
  6. So you're paying people 8k a year to implement your strategies? Do they get a cut of the profit?

    How many days a week do they have to do this?

    Obviously, no one in the United States can do this full time, 8000 doesn't even cover a year's rent.
  7. there is no option to privet message you ....
  8. I'll do it for $7500 :)
  9. Bac0n


    Thats why i dont like forex you need to be there 24/7 to make
    money, only few opportunities at New York timeframe.

    So your looking for good traders but if they are too good
    they just use your system and dump your ass :p
  10. Let's hope this asshole hires a rogue trader who gives new meaning to the term "out trade".
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