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  1. I am looking for a virtual(meaning work at home) trading assistant. Would be required to do research and monitor stock/mkt positions. If interested please PM me
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  3. I've heard of trying to make virtual trading as realistic as you have my respect.
  4. About me:
    Trading for 12 years, 36 years old. Started as a SOES bandit, moved away from daytrading and now concentrate on Closed End Funds and Selling options.

    I tend to hold a lot of positions (over 50) and have a a difficult time following them all, observing stops etc. I need someone who will monitor the positions, do research on the positions I own, be good with Excel and mathematics in general.

    In addition you need to be sharp and a fast learner. A college degree is a must. You will be working full time 8-5pm EST. Ideally you are between 22 and 30, not married and no kids, highly intelligent, a multi screen setup at home, good in video games and in following set rules.

    Since I am not setting the salary I need to know what you are looking for.

    The reason I need a virtual assistant is because I spend my time between NY and FL and at times around the globe.

    Whats in it for you:
    I am pretty good at what I do, you can feed off of me, in addition depending on who you are and how we get along I will, with time, let you get more and more involved in trading, listen to your ideas. Eventually (but not highly likely) I would want you to trade for me, with my capital.

    If this sounds good to you please PM with salary requirements.

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    And with that post, people can finally stop saying "there is no one out there that is a legitimate mentor"

    There he/she is folks.

    You are about to be flooded with PM's my friend!!!!!!
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    Yeah, this is a pretty good opportunity for some young turk who wants a fast (well, put in two years and see how quickly the time flies) ticket to the big-time.
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    Scoop up those closed-end funds now and hold until April.
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    College Degree = Intelligence?

    I love how employers try to relate the two.
  9. Indeed, the average college grad is as intelligent as a chimpanzee

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