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  1. Does anyone here trade the korean or japanese market?

    I am interested in the asian markets so that I can trade them overnight, but specifically I have a moderate degree of skill with the Korean language, and being that my wife is Korean, I may find myself living there again in a couple of years..

    Some questions

    1) Chime in if you are trading the Korean / Japanese market. Do you trade from North America?

    2) Have you been able to find any software (graphs, level 2 quotes, ordering software, etc) that supports the korean / japanese market?

    3) Have you been able to find a real-time korean/japanese market data feed?

    Note that I am wondering specifically about Korean / japanese markets, not just ko / japanese stocks...

    I'm especially interested in Korean - is anyone trading this market? How does one get setup?

  2. I trade the Japanese market in Japan. To answer your 2nd
    and 3rd questions, you can get real-time data and charts
    through eSignal and IB. eSignal's charting is lightyears ahead
    of IB's but you can get only best bid/ask 1. You can place
    orders through IB and get up to best bid/ask 5.
    You can also get real-time data and charts through

    Hope this helps.
  3. I am getting data from IQFeed right now. I should check to see if they offer the asian markets. I didnt think any of these guys did.

    Have you noticed any differences with how the japanese market trends? How volatile they are? How stocks react to earnings, etc? Do you find yourself doing things differently with the japanese markets?

    Anyone on the korean side of things?

    BTW - thanks a lot for the response so far.
  4. Just saw that you can get Korean Futures/Options data and
    place orders through IB. eSignal offers Korean stock data.
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    are u trading the kospi? let me know how that goes, i heard its volatile makes big bucks and big loses.
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    IB offers JP stocks and soon shorts. Only Index Futs/options in KR You can place 'phone orders fro Korean (and Japanese) stocks through KGI in Hong Kong or Phillip in Singapore. Metastock quotecenter carries real time JP and KR data and charts
  7. Do you know of a good website (Japanese language is fine) that offers multi-year charts and allows me to browse the Nikkei constituents to find trade setups?

    learner2007, what charting solution do you use?
  8. >palatine

    I trade futures, and haven't traded stocks for so long now that I'm not up to date on the very latest free software for stock charts.
    One that was popular and with which you could display a number of charts on a single page for speedy screening is F-Chart.

    Another that is available for a one-time payment of 4000 yen is
    Alpha Chart. You can display only one chart at a time but can instantly jump to the next chart in a sector or ranking by hitting the space key.

    This site gives you rankings and basic charts.

    If you want just the Nikkei stocks,!n225

    Here is a site from which you can download freeware and shareware.

    Here are a few sites that I dug out of my bookmarks. Don't know if they will be of any help to you. There are a few more sites that I have on another PC that I will send you tomorrow.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks indeed! I will add the finance portals to my bookmarks. The softwares seem a little old, but maybe I can find something on the Vector pages.