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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by estrader, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Which good Asian e-mini like Futures are out there?
    I mean the ones with liquidity, good point daily range and not too heavy of a margin requirement. I find that US and European markets are pretty much dead between when I come from work and go to sleep. I am in New York.
  2. The only mini product I know of here in Asia, is the Hang Seng index mini contract. It trades at the Hong Kong futures exchange. It is one fifth of the big HSI. Problem is, it is too thinly traded.
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    It is not to thin to be traded since it tracks the HSI where there is plenty of liquidity. However, I do not believe it is CFTC approved and thus US residents wouldn't be able to trade it.
  4. The big Hang Seng contract with daytrading margin is similar to the emini's. Moves about $7.50 US a point. I think the daytrading margin is around $2,500US with IB. trade about 14,000 contracts a day.

  5. def..

    I got a question for you ..def...

    when can I trade Nikkei 225..?

    I have waiting for months now..

    and can u give me a date for KOSPI!!!

    I am sure I am not the only one dying to trade it..

    I will have to go to korea and open a accout if you guys don't

    get your act together soon!!
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    runningbear, I think the volumes are over 20K per day on average.

    we're all set internally for the N225 and Topix. however, some external issues are holding us up that we hope to resolve next week.
  7. The big HSI has a contract multiplier of HKD 50 per point. Initial margin is HKD 38,250, maintenance margin HKD 30,600.
    Divide by 7.8 and you have it all in USD.

    Have a great weekend !
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    does the HSI futures quote not carry volume on tws? will it be added in the future?

    I see the horse race is on between the HSI and Nikkei N225 fts stop 11,000:)
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    Just the last trade size. I'll see if we can offer it. Depends on what info the exchange is sending out via the API.