Trading Asian Equities out of Boston

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  1. Hello All -

    I've been fortunate enough to get on a trading desk @ a large asset manager and have been trading US Equities for the last 1 1/2 years. I've also done lots of quantative work in regards to different trading strategies vs. xPost returns and monitoring of new electronic avenues like pipeline.
    Recently, my boss approached me with an opportunity to start trading asia. The only downfall in my eyes are the hours and the change in lifestyle. I realize that Asia is hot now and, in many regards, is in it's infancy stages. I'm 25-yrs old so relatively young to have a trading position in the 1st place. My boss asked for a 2-year verbal commitment. Obviously, there is not 100% certainty that a spot will be available if I decide I want to come back to US trading after my 2-years is up. The money is also better. Any opinions?

    Thanks All
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    yes (I have an opinion)

    I will send you a pm

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    Do they want you to go to Asia or trade at night in Boston? (Topic title says "out of Boston") If Asia, where?
  3. If you dont go you are an idiot. My mates are out there (merrils, goldman, UBS) making shit loads. One caveat dont stay too long or get too caught up in the expat lifestyle it is great for a while especially at your age but try to get out after say 5-6 years you will never regret it if you go.

  4. Thanks for the replies!

    Currently, I would be working out of Boston so my hours would be Sunday - Thursday from 6:30PM to about 3AM. So it's obviously a total lifestyle change, but for this unique opportunity, it might be worth it. Especially since it might open avenues for sales trading in Asia after my time is up.

    My company does have offices in Tokyo and there's been talk of moving our asian trading there.

    We also have 3 traders that come in around 2:30AM to trade Europe.

    Any other opinions?
  5. If I were in your shoes, I would take it in a heartbeat. Sure, it'd temporarily crimp your lifestyle but I think the opportunity will be well worth the cost in the long run. You are in a very blessed scenario. Run with it.
  6. Thank you the advice Don & others! I really appreciate it.

    I have to give him an answer on Monday. I'll let you know what I decide.


  7. Dont sell 100,000 shares @ 1 yen when your supposed to sell 1 @ 100,000 yen.

    That is all.

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    Your workday will be 1 hour longer (you will have to start 1 hour earlier) in the winter when we move our clocks because Japan does not move theirs.

    Will you be all by yourself or will there be others working with you?

    Do you have a quiet place to sleep during the day (morning)?

    How busy will you be when you are working? Will you be prop trading also or only handling customer orders? It can get very boring sitting by yourself in a quiet market.

    The shift can be very difficult for a young single guy with a social life.

    (Sent you an email)
  9. I knowit's going to be stressful in that regard if I decide to accept it. I know I won't even be able to have a beer during the week. That is one of the cons I have to weigh. I'll have to party like a rock star on the weekends.

    I will be trading for our retail and institutional portfolios. I'll be working with one other person. I have a fairly quiet place to sleep.

    This is a difficult decision
  10. I'd love that job! Used to be a bartender for years, now I work at a big firm during the day and it's hard for me. Besides I hate the sun!

    Long live night owls!

    If you think you can handle it, go for it.
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