Trading as financial entertainment

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  1. Some of my friends think trading is all about financial entertainment.

    I argue with them. What are ETers' views on this?
  2. Everyone gets what they want from markets. some treat this like a gambling, enjoying never ending emotional rollercoaster of pain and joy. The relative strengths of these feelings tend to increase with the distance of the trader from his commitment to being a succesful trader.
  3. When you get too old to have sex, scalping is the next best thing. And you can do it as often as you want.
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    Trading is for making money. ET is for financial entertainment. Often not even financial :)
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    although the percentage of valuable/useable posts has basically dropped to 0.00001%, there is something about this site that just draws me back day after day.

    To more accurately describe this... George Carlin hit it just right.
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    Money matters, let there be no mistake about that. In the beginning we all were drawn to trading for a couple of reasons. Unlimited possibilities to make a boatload of money instead of making a paycheck and also as something we could do later in life without being thrown out the door with a pink-slip.

    In 1973-1974 recession i realized a younger person no longer could depend on corporate America to provide future security to workers. Unions in that time frame still had power but their days were numbered as corp America faced increased world wide competition. I sat down in a restaurant and gave the new reality some deep thought and came up with the same conclusion that Bob Dylan wrote songs about. I knew i had to find something to sustain me in the future. There was some guy that layed a copy of the wall street journal down and i picked it up, as they say the rest is history. 1973 was the year America matured and started sliding backwards. Then Ron Reagan started busting unions and Jack Welsh the guy whose voice always sounds like he is getting his prostate checked gave corp America a shot in the arm by exporting Americans jobs overseas.

    AFTER the money, the real fun of trading is taking money out of Ivy business school spoiled brats pockets and putting that money in my pocket where it will serve a better purpose when spent. The challenge of winning a losing game i fully have to admit was the real challenge. Phew!!!! Never knew what i was getting into when i picked up that wall street journal.

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    "Save the f*cking planet!!??. The planet has been here for four and a half billion f*cking years....."

    Lol. I like the end bit about saving the planet.