Trading as a Videogame

Discussion in 'Trading' started by carterfx, May 19, 2011.

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    "Now think of what a trader does. A trader's job is to be smarter than the market. He converts a mess of analysis and intuition into simple bets. He makes moves. If his predictions are better than everyone else's, he wins money; if not, he loses it. At every moment he has a crystalline picture of his bottom line, the "P and L" (profit and loss) that determines how much of a bonus he'll get and, more importantly, where he stands among his peers. As my friend put it, traders are "very, very, very competitive." At the end of the day they ask each other "how did you do today?" Trading is one of the few jobs with an actual leaderboard, which, if you've ever been on one, or strived to get there, you'll recognize as being perhaps the single most powerful driver of a gamer's engagement."

    I enjoyed that.
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    It is... but its not easy to revive your Ninja after its Slayed :)
  4. who is so infantile that they need to be told that they are engaged in nothing more than a game?
  5. Playing a first person shooting video game or any type of war game has similarities to trading. Just like the "art of war" . Find a niche, and exploit it. I usually like camping in safe cover and sniping the numpties running around the middle of the map with their submachine guns.
  6. I prefer Super Renko Brothers (see attachment).