Trading as a Soap Opera

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Albert Cibiades, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Today's Episode: "The Relationship of Price and Volume"

    Miss Price: "Oh! Mr. Volume! You are getting so big!"

    Mr. Volume: "Sorry, I can't help myself. It happens every time I think you are going down!"

    Miss Price: "But it's so embarrassing! Everybody thinks I have hit bottom when you blow out!"

    Mr. Volume: "Don't worry, Miss Price. I have every confidence you can go lower."
  2. JimYoung


    Now that's a soap opera I'd watch
  3. yayt


    will set my dvr to record
  4. I know what you mean, Al. When Miss Price prances about with her tight, bouncy bottom, it's hard not to get long. And then there is the matter of her top, which, with just the right amount of jiggly momentum, has a magnetic effect on our eyes and can stop us short...
  5. Indeed, Thunderdog, I share your fascination with tops, doubles, especially. Tune in for tomorrow's episode, when Miss Price meets Mr. Fibonacci, a complex man of many levels. She becomes positively bouncy when he shows up.
  6. ElCubano


    I just hope she gets to mr target before that scumbag mr. stop shows up....
  7. So that explains why a double-bottom has to be put in beofre you can Go Long for an extended move ... :D :)
  8. And we all know that sleazy slicked-back Mr. Vee Wop is waiting in the wings looking to close with her if she tires of the other men's attractions.
  9. I need to see the part with the FAT LADY......:D
  10. Poor Miss Price! As if today weren't exhausting enough, tonight she has a hot date with Mr. Stop-and-Reverse!
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