Trading as a Full Time Career

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TradingBillions, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Generally, what are the pro's and con's of trading full time?
  2. Make sure u get it checked by the lawyer since u r new in it .
  3. GBL


    less time available driving around in the convertible and picking up street whores.
  4. Pros: if you are the hard working, emotinally stable type = access to unlimited $$$, limited only by your desire...

    Cons: who cares about it if you're doing it right. (I guess the cons are that, most likely your sorry ass couldn't cut it as a trader).
  5. +'s:
    + You get a 'feel' for your markets quicker
    + The more time in the field, the shorter the learning curve
    + You act like a business owner

    - Trading full time requires much more than the 'standard' 40 hr work week
    - If you don't make it, a lot of time is gone
  6. The pro's are pretty obvious, although not easily attained. An unlimited upside earnings potential and the freedom and independence of a true entrepreneur, all without buying a "franchise" (with big $$) or having to deal with employees or the public...not having to have your "game face" on all the time. You have a very limited downside compared to most business ventures.

    But, it does take work, and lots of it. You need to be trained well, associate yourself with a winning group of people who already make a living trading - and sift through all the nonsense spouted by those who have tried and failed.

    And, trading is fun and challenging at the same time - keeps your brain working!

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    - Great hours (on the west coast). I'm done by 1:30pm and have the rest of the day to play with my kid
    - No pffice politics
    - Don't have to kiss up to anyone
    - Zero commute (assuming you work from home). That alone added back 2hrs/day to my life
    - Better earning potential
    - Being self-employed opens up all kinds of deductions

    - Can be very emotional on a daily basis
    - Can collapse and fail at any time
    - Causes huge trepidation when you hit the inevitable rough spot
    - If you trade from home, tough to come up with work excuses to tell the wife to stay out late or go on trips
    - All those damn taxes to pay! :D