Trading as a full contact sport

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thetraderprofit, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. The new Las vegas Gladiators Arena Football Team is in our fact, right next door. The coach keeps coming in to use our vending machines.

    I have proposed to buy season tickets if he will suit me up and put me in for one play.

    I was told if I will buy a section for $8,000, I will be permitted to suit up for practices, play in a preseason game, and, if good enough, play in a regular season game.

    Do ET'ers think it's worth the money?
  2. axehawk


    #1 You have the money to do it.

    #2 Promise us all that you will get a live web cam feed at practice for all of us witness this train wreck.

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    Cool!! Go for it!!
  4. Mvic


    are we talking NFL? If so I would give the chance to play a miss no matter your age and fitness level. I played rugby at a high level for 15 years (UK and US) and though I haven't played for 10 years now I can still feel some of the hits I took. For one play it isn't worth ruining a knee or something for life and if you are not battle hardend one play is all it will take.

    Now if you played football at college level then you know what you are in for more or less so you can probably make the decsion for yourself but then you probably wouldn't be asking.
  5. It's Arena Football....a cross between football and hockey
  6. Do it! If you make the team and go on the road, let me know if you play in upstate NY. "Albany Conquest" is the arena team here. I went t one when they were called the was a lot of fun.
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    sounds like fun! Have a blast!