trading around corona virus dynamic

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  1. I got a gut feeling and also read from news that travel companies' (specially to and from from china) stocks are decimated. I am wondering if anyone tracking? If so, which stock tanked well enough (US based, i.e. listed on nasdaq or nyse) that I can buy on the dip? I put here instead of stocks section but options traders tend to be more smarter, risk taking and more unconventional. Thanks,
  2. US stocks have basically recovered with light exceptions. You should probably look in China (HK) if you're ready to bet on further recovery. Nonetheless, the best opportunities were in the past two weeks.

    FWIW today might be another dip day to later buy after China changed their reporting measures.
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    No real impact. Lots of headline noise. Sure, China is lying about the numbers - but they lie about everything.
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  4. well, that is the essence of it, who cares of whether they are lying or not and what is happening. just give me the names of stocks that are hammered or there is none?
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    CNBC listed a bunch of stocks on their TV show. Check out their website...they may have put that list on their website and check Google for other websites.

  6. %%
    + I was thinking , it must really be a slow news month to attempt to promote that. NEVER did watch CNBC much; sounds like you also have better charts to watch. I remember CNBC tried to promote ''bird flu'' as the next black plague /worldwide.LOL..........................................................
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    Black Plague ;D

    Meanwhile in the world :
    Malaria kills 150 000
    (noone gives a s)

    The numbers could be even lower, than they really are, while people speculate, that theire bigger

    Next plague, will come from octopus or religious cannibals from India.

    Dog plague from North Korea.

    ,, Dogorona Virus "
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  8. Steady vs transient situation. If tens of thousands would die in China cities pivotal to world manufacturing then someone would give a s. Unless of course we can ask them to keep working in spite of deaths in the name of the greater good of consumerism.

    Market reaction is well founded but the risk of this developing into something more sinister isn't exactly at 0 either. Of course, quantifying "almost zero" is one of the key concerns in finance.
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