Trading arcades in chicago N. suburbs

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  1. Does anyone know of any trading arcades in the Northern suburbs of chicago. I am not interested in prop trading. I have been a floor trader for 13 years and have been on the screen for 6 months. I need interaction with more than the screen. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. A while back, First Options had space on Lake Cook. Have not heard about it in a few years, but then again I haven't cared. I would call them.
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    DE trading...N suburbs office...mainly a outright treasuries trading there i think....
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    what is a trading 'arcade'?
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  6. DE has a post on monster if you are interested in them. At least it was there a few months ago.
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    It isn't the north suburbs, but some former currency traders opened an office in Westmont near Ogden and Rte. 83. They called themselves Capital Trading Group. One of the guys was NFL from the currency pits. Don't know if they are still around, though. It's a different group than I took a look at them about 3 years ago, and they looked okay.

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    I may have a place. My trading firm is in the final stages of building our trading room. We are a proprietary firm, but opening up the arcade side for the summer.

    Let me know what you are looking for.

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