Trading Arcades / Coworking in NYC

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by blange, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. blange


    To avoid the social isolation of trading from home, I'm interested in finding trading arcades (which will provide a seat + technology + leverage for a monthly fee) or trader coworking setups (where a bunch of guys rent an office, split the fees, etc). Can anyone suggest any of these setups in Manhattan?
  2. Chuck-E-Cheese is sorta like an arcade, and provides a seat + games + pizza for a pay-per-use fee :D
  3. Actually I had an idea along that line. Set the place up like an OTB parlor, big screen tv's, all markets, a user library, food, etc.

    Set up trading contests and take a cut from proceeds.
  4. Like this?


    Thats Avatar. i think you have to clear through them though if you want to trade from there.
    Many other "prop" or "pro" firms in NYC.