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Discussion in 'Forex' started by fbaz, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. fbaz


    please which trading approach is more profitable?
    is it easier to predict the market when trading intraday or intraweek?
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  3. I can't answer your question, but if I had to, Intraweek.

    Slow and Steady with consistency is what works for me...

    I have a goal of 25% per year after labor and if I can get that or more, I am thrilled and doing my job...

    Michael B.
  4. dally25


    For me, the longer time frame i trade, the better results i make.
  5. MAD10


    I don't know about "predicting", but if you seek to achieve some level of robustness for your system results, the larger the number of "trials" the better your chances of avoiding curve fitting (all other things being equal).
    The better a predictor you become, the more opportunity you'll find in shorter term trades (following the coast argument).
    2- Longer term data has been researched to death. Shorter time frames still offer amazingly simple ways of making money.
    3 - Fundamental data, is (generally) slow moving (subject to all of the pitfalls described above).
    Sorry for the stream of consciousness, but these are some of the considerations that have pushed me to switch to shortening my holding periods.
    "The shorter your time frame, the sooner you get to the Long Run" :)
    Happy trading
  6. Lucrum


    It won't necessarily be the same for everyone but my performance improved considerably when I switched from short time frames to daily.
  7. It is easier to predict where the market will not go imho.
  8. EliteThink,

    By knowing what you just posted, do you see how you can increase some probabilities?

    Your post is more insightful than many traders realize, I could imagine :)

    Michael B.

  9. I suppose you can increase your probability of winning.
  10. This you'll only find out through personal experience - give all a try and see what you enjoy the most, whatever you find most agreeable should be what becomes the most profitable.
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