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    Hi. I'm a newbie trader (not a total newbie, i've had success papertrading). Currently, I'm trading for real. I have enough money to keep trading for a month or maybe two. Since I'm a newbie and a humble newbie at that, I estimate the probability of myself losing during this period to be rather high. So I'm trying to plan for that. Many successful traders worked night and weekend jobs during their learning curve because they could not support themselves with trading. If I lose during the month or two, I'm thinking of going the same route. Because I would like to continue trading even if I can't a living at it initially. I've learned risk management so it'd would take me a long time to blow my trading capital. Living expenses is a different matter; I only have enough for 1-2 months without a job. I am a daytrader living in the West Coast so the trading period for me is 6:30AM-1:00PM. So what night jobs, weekend jobs, any other kind of jobs could be suitable for me in these circumstances? I am ready to work anywhere and do anything, be it McDonalds or Blockbuster - because I have only one real professional goal to be a pro trader. Thank you.
  2. Bartending probably pays the best for a young guy.
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    Your original statement is correct - paper trading isn't worth the virtual paper you trade on it.

    What are you trading? How much money do you have? What is your time frame for a trade?

    If I may refrase your statement to be the way a winner would state it, let me offer:

    "I expect to win because I have been trained by professionals [have a mentor, etc], but I am prepared [have plan B] for the worst"

    I would look at Starbucks - only one reason, I believe they offer health care even if part-time.

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    Hmm, good point metoo - TIPS!!

  5. I know a lot of young kids making outrageous money working in bars at night; $500 on a good night ...
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    Yeah, and since it's almost all cash...

  7. Exactly ...
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    What are you doing posting this late on a Friday night; don't you have a life either?

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    Heard through the grapevine you were talking to one of my traders?

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    LOL - nope!

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