Trading and the Philosopher's Stone

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    Alchemists aimed to transmute base metals into gold. Why gold? Evidently because observation declares that gold is the principle of wealth. A man who has drink may not have food, or he may have these but lack fine clothing, or horses, or mansions, or lands. But a man who has gold may have all these and more. Gold is special; it is not just one kind of wealth among many: it is a means to the rest. Gold is the means to everything that can be bought.

    Traders (modern-day alchemist) now seek to make money out of thin air. Only a PC, software, connectivity, blah blah blah....


    The name is a blind–that which is designed to throw non-truthseekers off the track. That’s because the so-called “Philosopher’s Stone” is a Divine Principle, not a thing. In that respect, it’s just like “The Christ” inasmuch as “The Christ” is not a person, but a Divine Principle.

    The Philosopher’s Stone (in Latin, “lapis phiolsophorum”) has been traced as far back as 300 B.C. E., but much of what has come down to us today is a result of the alchemy of that great “mad mother of modern medicine” Paracelsus who lived in the 14th Century C.E. He knew, of course, that the stone was a not a thing, a substance used to bring great wealth, but a “condition of being” brought about by one’s immersion in the Esoteric Doctrine of the Ancient Wisdom.

    The blind–that a substance existed which could turn “base metals into gold” was really a classic spiritual metaphor, the “base metal” being the lower (base) self of the human being and the gold being “God” or “God-like.” So, you see, this blind of “base=base” and “gold=God” was pretty easy to figure out and it was only those who were blinded by wealth who were unable to see past the physical to the esoteric.

    Many people like to say that the Philosopher’s Stone was considered to be the “Holy Grail of Alchemy.” This is another blind. Actually, the Philosopher’s Stone is the Holy Grail. That’s right, the Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail and The Christ are all levels of the same Spiritual Essence. They are Cosmic Principles which come to overshadow the truth-seeker after a certain spiritual level has been reached. One is thus anointed by the principle as a Karmic result of one’s intense striving towards truth.

    At the root of the Philosopher’s Stone is Psychic Energy. Psychic Energy is the name which has been give to the “Life Force” which connects all manifestations in the universe–animal, vegetable, mineral and human. It is Psychic Energy which is the “elixer of life” and that which keeps spiritual strivers young and youthful-looking. The larger the store of one’s Psychic Energy, the more are one’s physical atoms and molecules energized by this force. And yes, it is “The Force” of the “Star Wars” movies.

    It is important for the student of the Esoteric Doctrine to know that all striving has its Karmic effect. The Cosmos will never grant you anything you have not earned and it will never withhold from you that which you deserve. You can go as far as you want. It’s all up to you.