Trading and the love of God

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  1. What do you think? Does it have any impact? Are deeply spiritual traders more profitable than agnostics?
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    agnostics believe that their ultimate reward is a dirt bath.. is there anyway for them to profit?
  3. why would a god,if he exists, that causes or allows 25000 people to die of starvation every day care about your trades?
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    GOD EXISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    people enjoy comparing god to the easter rabbit, santa claus, bigfoot .....

    I'd ask only one question, does the easter rabbit, santa clause, bigfoot, etc ... Exist?

    my answer is, of course they do, and the world is a muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better place because of it
  5. sure. they exist in the mind of the believer. just like gods.
  6. There are plenty of instances on Yahoo message boards where people are publicy praying to God for their stock to go up. If you follow the prayer and the charts as I have, the price trend is straight to hell. Then, for some odd reason these posters disappear and reincarnate as the baloney brigade, where the truth then exists as - the evil satan of naked shorts.
  7. The market is a kind of "old testament" agreement to love covertly. See my previous post here for more perspective. Each day, someone wins and someone loses. The winner is *innocent* while the loser is *guilty*. There are victors and victims. And yet, each is playing the game by agreement to rules, otherwise called *law*. This game is meaningless to God, whose law allows only overt win-win scenarios. The market makes a good parable for how hell works, by agreement, to make a win-lose scenario seem real and desirable.

    If someone were to love God with all their heart and mind, they would seek only win-win scenarios - miracles - with which to overcome the world. Miracles are small *trades* leading to one final exchange in which nothing is traded for everything. The cost is self-concept for Self. Self is Christ, Lord of abundance, owner of the Kingdom of God, which is everything real. Self-concept is "man", "elf", "unicorn"...pretty much anything that has form. Form does not exist because it is unreal. So it is nothing appearing as something, and valued according to association and comparison.

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    Nah.Hard nosed atheists will be the most profitable!

    I would say in addition Trading and the love of God doesn't seem all that appealing a notion. Taking positions reliant simply upon a false sense of security the superstitious belief in God might provide, hardly suggests enough due diligence is being applied.

    However, if it follows that including some God idea or other in a process, whereby doing so makes the trader concentrate, be diligent and undertake better practice than they otherwise would, there might be a case as far as ends justifying the means go.

    Nevertheless, that doesn't explain what on earth a need to feel dominated in order to succeedis all about, opening a whole other aspect of unsavory human characteristics, specially manifested so often in over zealous religious believers.

    Overall... not good.
  9. If someone were to love God with all their heart and mind, they would seek only win-win scenarios

    Excellent point. Only draw back is people have to think to achieve this AND this concept defies immediate gratification in some instances, hence it may be contrary to our lifestyle.
  10. Asking God to manipulate the stock market on your behalf (through prayer or elsewise) is not much better than putting Him to the test.
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