Trading and regular sleep

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  1. I'm looking for some help on maintaining a regular sleep cycle.

    I trade the US markets from Australia, as you can imagine the hours are not the best and I sleep after the US market closes.

    I try to keep the same sleep times on the weekend and look to get 6 to 8 hours sleep.

    My problem is that sometimes my body gets the sleep cycle confused and I find myself unable to go to sleep and getting sleepy at the wrong times.

    I'm looking for advice on how to get yor sleep cycle on track (methods or drugs) and maintaining a good sleep cycle.
    Also the effects of caffeine, I stop drinking coffee about 5 hrs before sleep.

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    I sympathise, as I am also in Australia and trade the US market, the difference is I miss the action 99.9% of the time, as I hold positions for weeks and some times months.

    I don't know if your lifestyle would jibe with this but I recently read aout:
    Polyphasic sleep involves taking multiple short sleep periods throughout the day instead of getting all your sleep in one long chunk. A popular form of polyphasic sleep, the Uberman sleep schedule, suggests that you sleep 20-30 minutes six times per day, with equally spaced naps every 4 hours around the clock. This means you’re only sleeping 2-3 hours per day. I’d previously heard of polyphasic sleep, but until now I hadn’t come across practical schedules that people seem to be reporting interesting results with.

    If you want more info check this site out:

    All the best.
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    I recommand you take "Melatonin" (Drugs) when your body get confused. Of course, taking too much drugs is not quite healthy for your body, I suggest you only take it when necessary.

    Try to keep your room dark when you sleep and get up before sunset, make sure at least you can get some sunshine when you get up. Usually your body will feel better and develop a better sleeping cycle in this way.

    I hope it helps.
  4. From what I have read, that is still to close to bed. Caffeine really interferes with sleep for some people. Try only having caffeine for breakfast. Try and drink decaf tea/coffee/soda instead.

    Also, avoid alcohol in the evening - it also interferes with sleep, contrary to what some think.

    I agree with melatonin. But researh suggests that people take too much, and it does not have the intended effect. One study found that 300 mg was near optimal. More is NOT better. Understand, that the amounts of melatonin naturally present in the body is incredibly tiny. 3g like many take, is WAY too much.

    Other things that can help with sleep (have worked for me):

    - valerian herb/chamomile tea
    - Benadryl (antihistamine)
    - Lavender oil - put a few drops on a cloth on corner of your pillow or use a diffuser (proven in studies)
  5. I have had more problems sleeping since I began trading. I have an overactive mind and starting think trading, charts, and then I can't relax. A couple of things if I can add.

    1. Consider before you want to go to sleep watch some boring tv or a boring movie like Al Gore's :) put you in a relaxed frame of mind.

    2. Make sure you get enough exercise so you are tired when you want to sleep.

    Its funny but when I travel to Europe I walk a lot more, because gas is so much more $$$, and I never have a problem going to sleep.

    3. Maybe get yourself a sound soother from Sharper Image, I have one and it blocks out barking dogs and noisy neighbors.

    4. Make sure your room is nice and dark and quiet or you have something to listen to that relaxes you. There is even sound proofing materials you can buy.
  6. I gave up on regular sleep years ago. If I am too sleepy for trading, I inhale some coffee. Seems to work.

  7. Donot take DRUGS and trade, the only person getting rich is your pusher-man.
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    Your other option could be trading fx during the London market hours. Although fx are moving much faster and unpredictable than traders would have liked.

  9. Very interesting thread

    I live in the US and trade european market hours (only 3-7am cst) I find it extremely hard to get up each and every morning to trade even though I have been routine in this sleep cycle for a few months now. I usually average 5 hours of sleep a night.

    Also like another poster I too have an extremely active mind (seems like its racing 100 mph all the time). This sometimes can make it difficult to sleep as I usually always have something on my mind when I go to bed.

    Any feedback here?

  10. Get plenty of rest and wack it a few times during a winning trade. Snort a line or two of yack to get you going before the open.
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