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How has trading affected your political views?

  1. More Right wing

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  2. More Left wing

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  3. Hasnt changed

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  1. Id like to know whether after learning how to trade its made you more politically right wing or more politically left wing

    I think trading's made me mroe right wing especially against whiners and grumblers. however i think it makes you more generous towards those that never started off with the opportunities you had
  2. Mroe, is that right wing, as in munroe doctrine?
    He he, sorry.
    I can't trade for shit really, i just like posting junk on the internet.

    But i will say this, its unlikely anyone posting here will have changed whatever veiw they may have had, since they changed from diapers to shortpants.
  3. Trading in itself hasn't affected my politics, although being a member of ET has put me much closer to the center, in order to get as far away as possible from the both the so called left wing moonbats, and right wing neocons, that whine and trade childish barbs with each other day in and day out.
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    We all sway our political bias to some degree or other over time. Just because we were traders during slight transitions, how can we say it was trading that changed us, or just maturity?

    As a trader, I guess I have become more self reliant and perhaps a bit internally arrogant to those with the 9-5 same old. I guess a bit more right wing.

    On the other hand, I think I have more time to look at the world than most people can spare the time for. I start noticing the disturbing levels of greed in our western society, and the destruction it causes. I sure empathize with people wanting to good for society rather than ones self. So I also slant to the left.

  5. lol yeah it has made me a little more arrogant to greedy ass bastards who just do stuff for money.

    However i do find myself emphasising more and more with ppl who give up a good life in order to pursue what they love.

    Medicines sans frontiers, lovely orgainzation.
  6. Spoo


    Yeah - like trading futures! :)

    I had a good life. I still do.

    The question now is; will life be just great, or will it be fantastic!?
  7. trading is lovely. only job where if friday closes up near your breakout entry, or closes with your positions massively in profit you wisht eh weekends would move along quickly. I know of no job that could even come near making a person wish that the weekends would end early except for trading.
  8. Hmm, maybe your right-there must be a reason people play sport on weekends.
    With trading, theres always a sense of competition.
  9. If trading influences your ideology, you haven't learned how to trade.

    OTOH, I can see how having made/lost money (either through skill or luck) can change your ideology.
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