Trading and Jazz

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  1. Trading is like jazz, not classical in it's form. It is organic, living and fluid: not rigid and formal. Those that try and view this artform (trading) too logically, too structurally, expecting to profit from definable and predictable formulas will fail. Only those that can adapt continuously and FEEL the rhythms of the particular market they follow will succeed. It should be nice and easy, it is not a science but an art a sense of rhythm, a feel for where the beat (turn) lies, an ability to get the 'groove' and follow the flow.
  2. Trying telling that to the Quants :D
  3. You're talking outta ya trumpet, man. It takes real analysis and years of market study. Either that or a PhD in computing.

  4. Do you listen to WNUA while trading? :cool:
  5. I listen to allsorts, jazzynazzy, reggae, cuban rhythms, bach, gypsy kings, chet baker- you name it i probably like it. My point is that perhaps in jazz (as well as elsewhwere) a sense of 'effortlesness' is what defines it, or to put it another way: cool. So, the question is, how can a trader be cool and actually enjoy the work, get into the groove and feel part of the action. This is my answer: don't try and be something you're not. You may be able to play the horn but you're not a genius who can entertain 3000 people. So, play to a small audience (trade small) and enjoy the little successes.

    Another thing, don't try and play out of the beat (stay with the trend), just feel the flow of interest and follow with the beat or against (syncopation). I'm sure there are many other parallels.

    Trading can be enjoyable and when it is a trader is more likely to be successful. Put some tunes on, accept the chance of failure because the markets are not mathematical but organic and fallable. Tomorrow the sun may shine and enjoy the few pleasures life has to offer. Trading can be a way of escaping the tyranny of the 'man'and working for little reward. Trading and jazz.
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    Pull a few tubes, put on the Miles Davis, and start trading!

    Surdista, baterista, y percussionista
  7. Miles and I have done some miles together, and not just 'round about midnight', my man. Isn't this the way to go, surdo?

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    What instrument do you play?
  9. Play guitar, love latin and baroque. Reading notation is another link, I think, with skills for this game.

  10. That's not jazz.
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